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  1. No... It had NOTHING to do with 'there wouldn't be a story if'. More like: Rand saw what that power had done to others and himself, and he was afraid of it. 'wouldn't you be afraid to hold enough power to destroy the world? I would destroy that thing the moment I got my hands on it. I'm sure he was terrified. He had just drawn up enough power to destroy the world and had been close to doing it. After that, I would never want to see the thing again. Not only would the power terrify me, but I would be reminded of what I had almost done every time I looked at it. In addition to fearing its power, Rand had to deduced by this point that the Dark One or Moridin had conspired to put the CK in his hands. Consider that Semirhage successfully collared Rand with the male adam and was essentially home free to parade him off to Shayol Gheul. Nynaeave would later describe the direness of the situation as "being heartbeats from the end". Yet the Dark One's intervention by granting Rand access to the True Power reveals to us that Semirhage and the male adam were simply ruse masking an even better plan of the Dark One to win the last battle. The Dark One was supremely confident that Rand wielding CK would be the Light's undoing. If Rand had even an inkling of any of this, we might infer that his decision to destroy the CK was less about fearing its power and more about demonstrating that it has no power over him.
  2. No, the female Choedan Kal melted because it was used as the stressor. Saidar, effectively, was the hands that wrung the taint from saidin. It was with saidar that Rand applied the constriction on saidin that forced out the taint, and it was the stress that placed on the saidar Choedan Kal that resulted in it melting. This is why the female melted, and the male did not, though there was by far more saidin involved than saidar. Many instances of the Choedan Kal being disdained, and one very big instance of it being coveted: by Lanfear. Lanfear's persistent encouragement to use it, combined with the fact that Shaidar Haran all but put it in his hands, combined with the fact that Rand after all very nearly did the Dark One's dirty work for him in Veins of Gold, starts to paint a very clear picture that the Dark One wanted Rand to continue using the CK. And as Moiraine would have said, what better reason not to?
  3. For the feelz: on the roof on Blue Carp Street when Lan slips, Rand catches him, and Lan tells Rand to, "Let go." Rand's reply, "When the Sun turns green," has always struck a deep emotional chord with me. And or the lullz: when Rand tells Cadsuane, "You may call me Rand Sedai," and for once she visibly loses composure. =D
  4. Yes, democracy has existed since Hellenistic times, but only rarely and intermittently. Do you really think it is coincidence that it suddenly became commonplace and sustainable after industrialization?
  5. My money is on Cyndane coercing Rand's bond out of Alanna. In retrospect I'm kinda shocked Lanfear didn't forcibly bond Rand earlier in the series.
  6. Tai'shar Staff of Dragonmount!
  7. Any idea how certain the Alabama signing is, and which part of the tour it will be in? That would be awesome for me coming from Mississippi. Usually the closest stop is Dallas, but if I'm going that far out of my way I'd rather book a week vacation in LA. TOR has been about to announce the tour schedule "any day now" for weeks and time is running out for finding cheap plane tickets. Surely they'll do it sometime this week right???
  8. @Ryrin: Me too, me too. But would you not agree that it is in the spirit of the Wheel of Time to face endings such as these with "spears held high"? On January 8th, Rand Al'Thor will travel to Shayol Ghul and break the seals, and I intend to be there with him (yea, I'm unhealthily into this series ). =)
  9. The Elayne/Gawyn photo is stunning. Both of the models are gorgeous too!
  10. Not likely. Graendal spurns working with friends of the dark when she can just compel a dupe into doing her bidding. She probably managed to plant compulsion orders in Byar wired to activate under specific circumstances.
  11. Don't have time for a full reread but I'm looking forward to reading New Spring over Christmas break. I <3 Moiraine, and look forward to more time with her in AMoL.
  12. Interesting. Could also be an indication as to how thoroughly Graendal is being tortured.
  13. Very keen thinking! And who knows, maybe there was one Wise One long ago who survived a second walk through the columns and instituted the policy of it being forbidden to go through more than once, and so the secret died with her.
  14. You tend not to want to encourage your slaves to creative/inquisitive/do anything empowering.
  15. I wouldn't bet against Moridin knowing something of ter'angreal making. He could have even been the one who duplicated the Domination Band for Semirhage because he did order her to capture Rand with the thing. And Lanfear was the equivalent of a physicist/engineer at CERN so who knows what she's capable of. Drop a modern day physicist in the dark ages and he could reproduce a good bit of pre-1900 technology from scratch, especially if he had a modicum of basic chemistry knowledge. It just seems like a poor bet to think she and Moridin together would be incapable reproducing some of the ter'angrealology of their day, given a little time.
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