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Hello all, finally joined.


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Hey everyone, I've known about DM for a while but I'm just now joining. Well, that's not really true, I joined a while back but I'm just now posting. I've read the entire series so far and I think it's probably the best fantasy series I've ever read. I do, and have, enjoy/ed Harry Potter, ASoIaF, and the Star Wars: EU.


I also have an active tabletop roleplaying group that plays every week if we can manage it. We've even played some of the WOT tabletop game a time or two.


So hello to you all. Hopefully I can integrate myself into the community a little bit leading up to the final book's release.


Side Question: Anyone know if Read and Find Out is still operational? I used to browse Wotmania back when it was still going and I like to check into RAFO from time to time but the site wouldn't load today. Just curious.

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Tag, you're it! :D


Welcome to dragonmount, Rafo! Your handle is very clever, btw ;)


I'm glad that you've decided to start posting. DM has a lot of lurkers and it's always nice when they take that step and decide to integrate themselves into the community here. I'm guessing you already know the layout of the site if you made the account a while ago, but if you need any further explanation in the matter, feel free to shoot me a PM.


Also, if you're into roleplaying in general, you might want to check out the RP Groups and see if you fancy giving it a try. I know it's not the same as tabletop RPing but I'm guessing that someone that enjoys that would enjoy writing a WoT character as well (just a guess!).


As for your question, I really have no idea. Sorry! :/







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Thanks for making me welcome guys. I've looked around the site a little bit.


I think I've tried PbP Rp'ing before. Not sure if I remember what I thought about it. I might give it a shot. I used to frequent the White Wolf chats back in high school. Those were a lot of fun.


As far as WoT goes, I'm not sure I have a favorite character as much as I have characters that I don't like as much. I enjoy reading about pretty much everyone though. I tend to be a lot more interested in the theories that are floated about what might happen to a certain character and then seeing how close or far they are from the actual books. Plus just theorizing in general about the last book. Having said that, I like Rand and Mat the most, with Nynaeve, Lan, Thom, Moiraine, and Egwene close behind them. Out of the main characters the ones I like reading the least would probably be Elayne, and I guess I can throw Perrin in here but with him I find that I either really like his parts in a book or they really bore me. I really need to do a re-read....

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Well, as far as social groups go then, you might like the Band and the WT, and maybe the Wolfkin (we base those off of favorite characters for whatever reason. Seems to work alright though). Should check out all of the social groups to see what you like because they all have different personalities and focuses :)

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