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Hello, How's it goin EH?


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Good Morning, (Afternoon, Evening, Night) ALL (Depends on when you open this I guess).


After Years of reading the WOT and lurking around on this site, I thought I should join and start taking part in all the fun. I am a very proud Canadian, living in Ontario at the moment. I am in the military and have lived all over this great Country.


I have been reading the wheel of time since the late 90s, after my sister gave me a copy of TEoTW for Christmas. I am currently on my 7th or 8th reread (who counts?)and am currently starting KoD. (see i've been lurking so I know most of the Accronyms) :tongue:


So Just saying hey and hope to see you around the forums.

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You just HAD to be Canadian, with that thread title :biggrin:


I'm Bonded to an ex-military man who lives in Ontario, so ... go Canada! And welcome to DM, too *grins*


So if you've lurked here a while, have you looked around a bit? Seen anything that appeals to you? Please feel free to ask questions.

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Yes I have looked around quite a bit, only on the general WOT discussion board, I find some of the theories very interesting as well as a few "entertaining" (Don't want to offend anyone)ones. I have heard a lot about the social and RP boards but I do not usually have a lot of free time for them.


Do they take up a lot of time?


Other than that I thought I could add my own twisted views to the discussion boards when I have time.


P.S. I think The Fisher King rocks.

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The RP side takes a bit of time and commitment, but at the Social Side you can post as often or as little as you want, really. Some post a 100 times a day, others only a few times a month or even less. Of course, you make friends and get dragged into stuff, so you might find yourself more active than you expected :biggrin:

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Welcome to DM, Ern :)


I see you already know the layout so my role as ninja welcomer has become obsolete. >.>


So I'll just sit here and do my lazy ninja imitation!




Nice to meet ya, btw! lol Hopefully you'll have the time to frequent our neck of the woods. And how does that phrase even make sense? :P I always wonder.








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Welcome to Dragonmount.com, Ernmore.

It's always good to see someone from Canada, and also someone from the military join Dragonmount.com

We have many different forums and sub-forums where you can discuss practically anything that you want; including discussions that are not WOT based, but on just about anything else in this world that you might want to discuss. I encourage you to browse the forums, read and also participate in the countless discussions that are ongoing.

Also, some of the places where WOT fans can have the most fun are in the various Social Groups here, based upon different groups written by Robert Jordan in the Wheel of Time. These Social Groups include, but are not limited by; the Aiel, The White Tower, The Black Tower, the Ogier, and Shayol Ghul.

If you are interested, post what you like best in The Wheel of Time series, and then you can be given suggestions as to which ones of the Social Groups on Dragonmount that you might like. Dragonmount also has roleplay forums for those whom want to immerse themselves in character into the most fascinating fantasy world ever created, the world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

You have found what I believe is the very best fan forum and message board for a fictional series of books. Also, I believe without a shred of an iota of doubt in my mind that The Wheel of Time series is the VERY BEST series of fictional novels that has ever been written. Stick around here long enough, and I can promise you that not only will you meet cool and interesting people online, but also that you will become friends with some whom you regularly interact.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me at any time.

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Nice to meet ya, btw! lol Hopefully you'll have the time to frequent our neck of the woods. And how does that phrase even make sense? :P I always wonder


This may help it make sense Nyn;


A neighborhood or region, as in He's one of the wealthiest men in our neck of the woods. Originally (mid-1800s) alluding to a forest settlement, this colloquial term is now used more loosely, for urban as well as rural locales.

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