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I have points


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*eyes the rotten bunch*


Laziness! Slouching! Begging!!! This is what you all have come to be!!


At least Nyn and Christine are DOING things for the points :ohmy:


Oh Barmest Barm of them all, who doth deserve your points more than one who seeks to keep these youths in line ? Shall I spank one of them for you? I would offer to video it, but I do believe that is more Verb's cup of tea..

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I guess Barmy doesn't like having his tummy rubbed...




I could host a ticker tape parade in your honor, Barm, but instead of using ticker tape we'll use flesh ribbons...




... and instead of a parade it will be a death march, led by a gagged Eclipse tied to a giant float which is burning ever so slowly...



... and instead of me hosting it I could have Danzig host it, and he'd run throughout the crowd the whole time shooting blood into the audience with a giant fire hose...



... or if you'd like I can just get you some doggy treats. :biggrin:

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Limi amuses me. Also the videos are acceptable, both enjoyable, and useful to make Verbal suffer. An appropriately awesome video of you (Limi) spanking your choice of target (not eclipse) to my PM box that you do not share with Verbal, and all 200 of my points for next month are yours. 25 points for now.


My last 25 points goes to the first person who makes me actually laugh out loud.

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Warning: This joke might be considered slightly offensive.


A foreman of a construction site needs to build a shed offsite, so he hires 3 men for the job, a german guy, a british guy, and a japanese guy. He decides to delineate the different phases of the project to each person:


"German feller, you're going t obe in charge of the architecture and framework. British person, you'll be in charge of the foundation and sheet rock. Japanese dude, you'll be in charge of supplies."


Feeling the project was now underway, he instructed them to get to work fast and he'd back in a few hours. Later that day, he came back to inspect their progress, and became extremely upset when he came to the area and realized not a single thing had been done.


Turning towards the German he asked "What in the heck is going on? Why haven't you started designing the shed, or working on the frame?!"


The German replied "I have no paper or pencil to design with, and no wood or blades to cut it with"


The foreman shook his head and walked over to the British gentleman. "How about you? Why haven't you taken care of the foundation, or sectioned off the sheet rock?!"


The British guy responded "I don't have any concrete, or shovels and water to mix it with."


With this the foreman grunted in displeasure and balled his fists. "Wait a second, where in God's green Earth is that Japanese feller anyways?!?!"


Right on cue, the Japanese guy suddenly jumped from behind a bush and shouted "Supplies!"

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