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[2010 Ghoulies] Most Likable Baby


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It all comes down to this, ladies and gentlemen. Two-Score and Seven years ago, our father Jason brought forth a new community, one that would survive the rigors of time to one day become the greatest of all WoT websites on the interwebz!


*Amadine mutters at Krak to hurry*


"What? I'm just laying the backdrop for this story."


*Ama gives Krak an obscene gesture*


*sigh* "Fine, I'll hurry."



Well, so much for entertaining you guys with my Gleeman's history of DM. It features battles of epic might, tales of love and intrigue, political maneuverings, jokes, laughs, and the downfall of the Pillow Tyrant by the gallant Sir Berf. The tale of Little Miss the Apostate and the Cult of Limi...


*Krak waxes poetic and glances over to see Amadine glaring at him*


*Krak nervously adjusts his tie*





Aaaaaand we're back.


This award is traditionally given to the "best" Ful of the year. To receive this award, a Ful must prove himself to be the most likable guy around, the best looking, the peer of puissance, the viscount of verisimilitude, the...well, you get the idea.


But we all know that everything I just listed is pure dross. We don't choose or care about Fuls, they're below us in every way possible. We spit on them, we cuff them for no reason, we make them drive us downtown when we're drunk, and we make them buy us cigarettes. So while this award exists, it is basically the worst award you could possibly receive. A badge of shame, if you will.














So suck it Berf!

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