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Irene's path - who is in it?


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*places himself firmly in front if Irene, sword raised in both hands*


You cannot pass!! :P


No but really, hope everyone is safe as houses and such.

Aww how sweet, thanks Fnorrll. I think you may have chased it away from my block in any event. We got such little actual damage and all kept their lights on here. Not all were so lucky.


Where is everyone supposed to go?


Actually the radio announcements were saying that shelters were a last resort and that you should find friends or family to stay with. People booked hotel rooms with their own money if they had nowhere else. Since Katrina and now with this I really don't trust emergency evacuation plans too much. Then at about 3 AM Mayor Bloomberg came on air and said that "the time to evacuate is past." No...really? Well if I saw flood waters coming I'd still make a run for it. :P



Poet's fine!


I'll say, she's posting pictures of the storm on FB *laughs* She is crazy but I still like her. *ggls*

Haha, *snugglehugs both of you* You're not the only one to think I was nuts. LOL


I rode out the entire storm in my husband's taxi going around with him all over town taking pictures and documenting everything. I swear, if I lived in the midwest I'd be a tornado chaser. ^-^

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Checking in. We rode it out. It was not nearly as bad as they said it would be and not as bad as the last one that hit us.




Lots of clean up to do but nothing real bad. Lots of trees down in the area. One tree hit an apartment and killed an 11 yr old boy. Pray for that boys family. Another couple thought they could outrun it in a sale boat and had to be saved from the Chesapeake bay. Looks like it will be a while before anyone can get to the outer banks. Rt. 12 is gone.


Power in on and off for me. While they repair it will go off for a few hours and then come back on.

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