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Red Ajah BTS Week: Best And Worst Teachers

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Everybody has had that one teacher who you got along great with, and is just a pure legend. But everyone's also had that teacher you you despised more than anything. This thread is dedicated to these two, the best and the worst teachers of your schooldays. So tell us all about your greatest and worst teachers, and share with us some great and not so great moments while in their classes.

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I had a teacher in both Junior and senior year who was getting ready to retire.


He was my American History, Government, and Economics teacher.


He started every day with a discussion of current events, and always found a way to tick me off.

If you were not an atheist, you were wrong. If you were not a Liberal, you were wrong. And if you had a bone of patriotism in your body, you were wrong.


I hated the teacher.

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best - mr o., english for all of HS. he was most excellent, and made me love books more than i already did, and was one of maybe two things i didn't completely hate about school. but he got fired for having an affair with a student right after i graduated. mr g. was also great, and got me very good grades in math for 3 years despite everything i could do to screw up. he also had affairs with a couple of girls in HS, cause he helped edit the yearbook, and, well, too much contact. but he didn't get fired.


worst - miss t., had her for prophets 3 of 4 years of HS, and hebrew composition for the 4th. made us memorize the books of jeremiah and ezekiel, in hebrew. effectively taught me to forget anything i had memorized within an hour of recitation. i got her in trouble for sending me to the principal's office for not having my book one day. i told him my mom was in the hospital the night before. he called her into the office after sending me to the library to hang out until i felt better. she never bothered me again. it was elective surgery, but still. she should have asked.


um, but i forgive her and wish her much joy in her life. and mr o., too. and his twins, who should probably have kept him from having time to mess around with the lead in the senior play, but didn't. and mr g., though he is disappointed in my rejection of math.


edited to protect the guilty

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My best teacher was the one who taught me English for a few years in primary school - she was the most amazing woman! She got me into Shakespeare, and my love of reading in general.

Actually, I was lucky with my English teachers most of the way through school, except for the one who was an idiot and didn't know where punctuation went, and the one who slept with my boyfriend. I actually liked her, more's the pity.


My worst teacher was anyone who ever tried to teach me anything scientific :P

Except for the one who taught Genetics - that was close enough to logic and maths for me to ace it.

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My favorite teachers have varied throughout the years. I had a favorite High school teacher in my English Jr/Sr year.

Mrs. Diehl.

Mrs. Diehl was funny, charming, and helpful.

The funny thing is that if you ask me now why I liked her, I can't remember beyond that.,


In college, I have two favorite Professors.

Dr Zophy and Dr. Howard.

Thy are two history professors at my university. They used to be married to one another.


Dr. Zophy, he's like the gossip columnist of history professors.


And Dr. Howard, she's Red Ajah. She just doesn't know it. She's my women's history advisor.

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Let's see...


Favorite teachers:

Mr. Weavers(grade 5)

Mrs. Chinn(grade 6)

Mr. ET(name is too long, grade 8)

Mr. D. Fletcher(grade 9 and now 12 social)

Mr. B. Fletcher(grade 10 math, awesome prank)

Mr. Frewin(Drama teacher from grade 6,7,9,10,12. moved schools in my grade 8 year)

Ms. Nault(english teacher grade 10-12)


Worst teachers:

Mr. Brown(drama teacher for grade 11. also the cop that is almost shot in X-Men)

Mrs. Euston(english teacher for grade 11)

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