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The Happy Points Shop


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Some of you may have heard of Eebs's Happy Points, and some of you may have even received some. Well now practicality is here, folks. This is the official Happy Points Shop where you can spend Happy Points to buy.....things.


Happy Points:

  • Acquiring - First of all, simply post in this thread, and I'll register your starting amount of Happy Points afterwhich I will update when necessary. After this, Happy Points are gained in the same way as always: at my discretion. ;) I award Happy Points to those I feel deserve it when I feel they deserve. Unfortunately, I have often forgotten and will continue to forget to give out Happy Points, often when they are quite deserved, so sad luck to you. Anyway, everyone's Happy Points will be kept on record here.

  • Records:

-TinaHel ~ 20

-Smiley73 ~ 15

Shop Catalog: As time progresses, I will continue to add things to this virtual shopping catalog.



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You could always do it the old fashioned way; having lots of fun with spaces. ;)

I know that way very well. >.< -_-


Actually, sadly, I already fell low enough to try it. Didn't work though. Extra spaces don't register in the html.


So, er, yeah, the shop is on hold until I can figure out how I'm gonna format this.


Tina's questions:


1) Uh, it's invisible. (it's actually really not there)

2) You can buy whatever you can afford

3) You can get them wherever



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