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BATE: Travel Pictures

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This will be just a general picture thread that can serve two purpose:


1- Show off all of the really cool places you have traveled to




2- Post pictures of some places you plan on visiting some day.

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Places I've been: Mauritius


Off the east coast of Africa (at the bottom in the middle):




Lies a tiny little tropical island called Mauritius:




From the most beautiful beaches:




To unbelievably green valleys:




To strange coloured rocks:




To the friendliest people you could ever imagine!


I've been there a few times, and the place captured my heart the first time I stepped of the plane. The smell of lush vegetation, fertile earth, clean sea ... it's impossible to describe. The best thing about it is still the people, a mixture of Europeans, Indians, Chinese, and Africans. It's actually very much like Cape Town (heck, the island was even colonised by the exact same people who colonised Cape Town!), but somehow just more ... relaxed.


The official language is supposed to be English, but most people speak either French or Creole, or both.

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Thanks for the pics Elgee!


I'm hoping to get mine up tomorrow as I was getting them from the comp to an online database and it was taking forever! But I have several pictures from places like Madrid, Athens, Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Cadiz, Rome, Venice, Pisa, Milan, London, Vienna and Cape Sounioun!!

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Guatemala - A third world country, but beautiful nonetheless!


The Fort - I lived about 2 minutes from it by boat, as it was impossible to walk from my house :(


Lake view This is the lake that the fort is situated on, takes about two hours to get to the other end.


Finco Paraiso Very nice hot springs, about an hour's boat ride along the edge of the lake.


My house Where I lived for 15 months :D


Of course, all these photos were taken on great days :rolleyes:


(P.S Sorry for the links, wouldn't show them on the thread for some reason)

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So some random pictures of various places I recently visited in Europe


the cathedral in Cordoba





cathedral in Sevilla (first one is tomb of Cristobal Colon, more well known as Christopher Columbus)




at the alcazar in Sevilla



Royal Palace in Madrid



Cathedral in Vienna



Schonnbrunn Palace in Vienna




Mirador for the Alhambra in Granada, Spain



Inside the Alhambra



Earth Pyramids in Bolzano, Italy (they never look the same twice is what we were told)



Mountains in Bolzano...so much more breathtaking in person



Mom and I in Venice



Rialto Bridge



Milan Duomo



Basilica in Pisa...the sun was not in the right spot for us to get a pic in front of the Leaning Tower and we only had about two hours in Pisa





Trevi Fountain in Rome, one of its best features in my opinion



Colisseum, can't go to Rome without seeing this thing



Temple of Olympian Zeuss in Athens, Greece with Acropolis in the background



On top of marble hill in Athens, Greece, right next to the Acropolis




And there are still more pictures....because these don't include London or Cadiz!

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Danggit, some of the pics I had didn't upload, and I'm too lazy to look for them again. :D



So, haven't been many places, but I have been to some nice ones.

I don't have pics on my computer (never scanned any, cause they're all prints), but Utah has some amazing scenery.








Now, these are some of the most recent ones. It's here in Korea, and they've got a lot of history. In Seoul, they have the city built around a bunch of historic buildings, and I think that's really amazing.







This is on the way to Colorado, so it could be Utah or Arizona. Either way, it's beautiful. lolz






One day.....

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Oh man, those photos took me on a trip down memory lane. Thanks for posting them, Jea!


I absolutely loved being in Europe and want to go back SOOOO bad!!!! My best friend and I are hoping to one day take a backpacking trip through Europe and revisit a lot of those places I posted pics for and more :biggrin:

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