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Hey guys, I was just wondering if there are any lists of the books in WoT. I DO NOT mean the novels themselves, but the books referenced within them.


For example, we have:

Fog and Steel by Madoc Comadrin

Jain Farstrider's Book(name?)


and that is all I can remember. So I was just wondering what other books are mentioned during the series. :cool:

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The romance stories Romanda reads. Verin's monograph on beasts of the drowned lands. Several Ogier texts and authors referenced in passing. Herid Fel's philosophies. The Traveller's tale Rand found in Tear that described Rhuidean. The books of prophesies. Etc.

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From the TGS glossary:


Wake of the Breaking

Thoughts Among the Ruins

Monuments Past

The Proper Taming of Power

Meditations of the Kindling Flame

Marks and Remarks

Falling Shale

Echoes of His Destiny

A Comprehensive Discussion of Pre-Breaking Relics

Commentary of the Dragon

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Killers of the Black Veil, by Soran Milo

To Sail Beyond the Sunset (unknown author)

Dealings with the Territory of Mayene, 500-750 NE

Travels in the Aiel Waste, with Various Observations on the Savage Inhabitants

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