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  1. I think at this point I should probably go into my planned total seclusion. Get off of Dragonmount and for the most part the internet in general until I finish the book. I've had too many books spoiled by people who just happened to mention something from the end, and I really do not want it happening for this series. I'm so nervous that this is finally going to end.
  2. I was thinking of making a sort of pocket sized encyclopedia of characters, as they stand at the end of ToM. You could then print it out and whenever you see a name you don't completely recognize (Has happened to me a few times so far in my reread) you could look it up. It would have information like where a character is from, where they are as of ToM, a short description of looks and personality and any important links they have to other characters. Would anybody be interested in helping me make it?
  3. What exactly was happening in the scene in tFoH after Elayne and Nynaeve escape from Ronde Macura, and then she sends out two letters and another guy sends out a third? Where were those letters going?
  4. I'm pretty sure the in-universe reason for Rand being so good was that he was subconsciously drawing on LTT's hundreds of years of sword fighting experience.
  5. I agree. That would be an amazing ending! Sorry to be ignorant - 'flicker'? Referring to the part in tGH with the portal stone where it's going through all of Rand's possible lives, and he keeps hearing "I win again, Lews Therin." Anyways, the worst for me would be if Rand didn't die and stay dead. I know the body switch is seeming more and more plausible, but dammit, I want there to be a sacrifice here, and coming back after three days in a cave just doesn't cut it.
  6. I don't see how it could be particularly related, but Lan has been described with the words winter's heart at least once that I remember.
  7. Personally, I'm hoping for Granny vs. Moiraine as the finals, both because those are the two charcters in this I've known longest and love most, and also because I always prefer when magic users fight and weapon users fight, because magic vs. weapons always just ends up as a question of whether the weapon user is fast enough to run in before getting blown to bits. So while you're there, remember to vote in the other match too (preferably for Granny, but that's up to you).
  8. So if Luckers died in 2013, and AMoL is coming out then, and the Dragon is going to die in AMoL, does that make Luckers Valan Luca?
  9. Well, in their defense, it is the longest series in the tournament by far, so it's harder to just read a bit and understand from that. Also, the first book is not that great at explaining channeling. Anyways, let's go Granny!
  10. I'm actually shocked at how angry everybody here is. Here's my exact reaction to finding out the release date. *Google Search "amol release date"* OMG they finally announced the release date this is so awesome thank god now I know when to start my reeread I can't wait it'll be so cool *Read page* Oh. They pushed it back a month and a half. That's annoying. *Ten seconds of thought* You know, they probably really need this time. I really don't want them messing this up, and what with a whole lot of complications, this is probably best. I'm still kind of disappointed, but I trust them. That's it. Grow up. You can wait an extra few weeks for this book.
  11. Considering that Seanchan and Shara are only separated by a relatively small ocean, and the parallels to earth, with Shara being like Africa and Seanchan being like Asia, it would be pretty believable to think that s'redits originated in one of those and migrated/was traded to the other.
  12. That actually makes a lot of sense because Cairhein was the only nation that was allowed land trade with Shara.
  13. In all likelihood, Granny would win any match against someone with magical powers with the "knock my hat off" kind of logic. Convince them to get into a magical duel and then just punch them.
  14. I hope nobody else I like goes up against Granny Weatherwax, because I'm absolutely voting for her over anybody else. Headology. It works.
  15. Alright, after looking through the BWB, I found that they were definitely from mirror worlds, but came in the first millennium AB, so that ramps the power level up considerably, past Cadsuane, who, although she was the strongest in this millennium, wouldn't be the strongest in that millennium because of the culling effect, which puts the power level again over 14 and into Forsaken-like levels of strength.
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