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Songs of The BT


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No battle scene would be complete without the most epic montage ever created in 1984




Kind of picture this playing in Rand's head at Dumai's Well


One Ralph Macchio clip deserves another- and he's play shredding in this one:




That's Steve Vai he's going up against, and there's a lot of debate as to whether his real guitar part is Steve Vai or Ry Cooder.

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This band is one of the most unappreciated bands of all time, a supergroup from the 70's that only put out a few albums but were simply awe-inspiring. This video is kinda long since it's a few songs melded into one, but the songs on that cd (their debut album) are best enjoyed back to back, they stream extremely well into each other (I wish bands still did that)



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And now, for something a bit more modern, a couple of songs from one of my favorite groups of the past decade or so:



Easy little jam song, fun and catchy. Puts you in a good mood :cool:



One of my favorite songs of theirs, so haunting but so, so, SO good.


Both of these songs are somewhat atypical of their normal sounds, but still great songs regardless. Check out some of their other videos on youtube, some of them are a tad racier than either of these.

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