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  1. Well done again Des! I must say, I too get rather excited about the Seanchan. I think they are an incredibly interesting group of characters. The Mat/Tuon reunion at the White Tower was also something I'd thought of, it makes sense to me, I doubt that Rand wuld send anyone else to retrieve the HoV. However, I hadn't thought of an injured Mat being the catalyst that brings Tuon to channel.... I like it! I like the Tylee theory TreeJoe but my problem with that is the Dream of Egwene confronting Rand with a Seanchan woman. To Rand, Tylee is a random Seanchan with nothing to elevate her above the rest and wih no apparent import. From Egwene's perspective it would make more sense to take someone of Tuon's stature to a face-off with the Dragon Reborn. I do agree that she fits the woman with the sword dream well, though Tuon was trained extensively in weapons.
  2. Maybe a Nym will pop out of a stasis box somewhere. Poor Tinkers, that would be awful. Wouldn't the Aiel be upset if they had to take another trip down (bad)memory lane and sing the Song themselves. Though I think that the Tinkers will be able to, TGS-ch38 Egwene uses 'need' in Tel'aran'rhiod and it takes her to a Tinkers' camp. This implies to me that they must have a part to play in Tarmon Gai'don.
  3. Once again, great stuff Des! I hadn't considered the Nakomi connection before, nice! The one problem I (previously) had with Perrin rediscovering the Song was how exactly he was going to accomplish this. I had considered Rand due to his merge with LTT, but don't like that too much because he already has his great deed to do. Mat has 'saved the world' and will presumably blow the HoV. Perrin needed a save the world moment too. (apart from saving Rand for a second time) Nakomi; Jenn Aiel, roaming the World of Dreams... I like it a lot! Good point TreeJoe about the Aiel and blacksmiths, that could possibly solve the problem of how exactly Nakomi ends up meeting with Perrin.
  4. I'm going to have to come back to this tomorrow methinks. It's 1am atm, so not too bad but I've only managed 4hrs sleep all up the last 2 nights... so all this thinking is making my head hurt I really wish I could remember the point I was trying to make before, but alas! Good night all!
  5. Hmmm, I was just re-reading ToM-ch53 to cross reference a quote only to discover that I think we're all wrong lol. During both his trips through the twisted doorways, Mat saw the three spires in the distance. However going via the ToG he wound up in one of the spires. I did have a point here but for some reason everything I was about to say seems to have vanished. Here's hoping that you get my drift despite the fact that I'm making no sense at all I blame sleep deprivation. Oh and FSM; I do also think that the evil-Aiel could be connected somehow, what I meant to say was I'm not sure as of yet how to connect the dots.
  6. Wow! Kudos for that post, 'twas impressive. I'll agree with Terez here. We havn't seen enough yet. I would say that he has to be more skilled though due to the merge with LTT, he's picked up all his knowledge instead of the dribs and drabs he was getting before. Other than that, I'm on the fence. I'll have to wait for aMoL.
  7. Ley, I second that!! LMAO!! A Beginners Guide to Cursing- by Elayne Trakand How to Defeat the Chosen- by Graendal How to Woo Women- by Olver Hide and Seek- by Demandred
  8. I've had that exact same thought, just seems strange to me to only mention two of the three spires. I don't know how the red-veiled Aiel fit in but it makes sense to me for the 'Blank in the Blight' to be the third spire. I don't know where else it could be.
  9. Anger Management- by Nynaeve al'Meara Fish guts! The lingo of Tairen fishermen- by Siuan Sanche
  10. LMAO!! You're hilarious! Like I said, it fits with the Alliandre theory
  11. LMAO!! Well, if you add that to Leyrann's idea.... there you have it! Viewing interpreted!!
  12. Oooh nasty! But yes, sorry, back on topic!
  13. HAHAHA!!! As I said, bloody good sense of humour! And another Aussie joins the convo... Loving it!! Ok so no more Maccas for you Dewairah! Were your mates also plastered? Do they actually remember this oath?
  14. ...that we've got a bloody good sense of humour!!
  15. Bahaha!! Oh PLEASE do that!! Absolutely hilarious! Think about it, the entertainment value alone would be worth it and then you'd be free to get a WoT one!
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