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Hey all!


Just thought i'd stop by and say hi, so, hi!


I am from Gothenburg, Sweden, and finally got my act together and became a member here at Dragonmount. Hurray!


I've always read fantasy, and Jordan, alongside Feist, Eddings and Gemmells, has always been my greatest influence in my own writing.

I sent in my first fantasymanuscript to the publishers about two months ago, still awaiting responses from some of them, and after that I've started on my second fantasynovel.


I've been a huge Jordanfan for years, and just started to re-read the books again (the last 2 years i've read all of Ray Feists books again)

and I am halfway through the Great Hunt now. Feels really good to be back with Rand and the gang again, reading about their adventures, and watching the Wheel turn!


Hope to hear from you all in the future!


Best, Fredrik

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Hi there, welcome! I write fantasy too, though I must admit I've been in a bit of a slump lately, haven't written much. That's great you've send out stuff to publishers! You should check out the Writer's Guild in the Artist, Crafters, and Writers Group here on DM; we have some great talks discussing our stories and characters and such.


(Oh, and I love Eddings too - first fantasy author I ever read :))

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i try to keep on top of the feist and wurst books, just got another one this last week i am hoping to dig into soon


i rp, and i used to sometimes write things down try to make a story, but i am too fond of world making and jumping all over the place altering circumstances, to commit too one storyline outside the structure of the rp here in DM


another author i love is Jean M Auel, and i just got her last book, but is waiting on reading it so i can read it together with another friend who love her here from DM, and we can discuss it as we read...


And yeah the places to check out is the writers and the rp, i am myself the leader of the dark side in the rp, but also recommend the social side, it can be a lot of fun, personally i enjoy the wt social group.

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