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get out of my head


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ok, lets see..



my real name be Ismail. ( the "be" was intentional,a homage to Bayle Domon)

i live in South Africa.

currently I'm 15 years old, yes I started early. i've been listening to the podcast for about a year, though I still miss a lot, especially Asmodean, that went RIGHT over my head, never thought about it until I saw all the hubbub about it. i have completed the entire series and plan on a total readthrough before aMoL,because I have missed much before I actually started taking notice of everything going on.


My favourite characters....

between Lews therin and Perrin, why?

Lews Therin: he's crazy. I like that.

Perrin: I personally relate to him, I love his entire character, the mild mannered blacksmith, though i do like Mat as well for his insane luck, comic relief and the fact that he's cowed into wearing lace


ive got myself some crazy theories. might have to find where to put those. i got really ticked off when ToM came out more than a month after the US release,I was not happy though I got it then waited until I went on holiday, why?? 6+ hour drive, so I got most of the book done there, it was good that I had a stop in the middle because I had just read the part where Aviendha sees the future, I figured that out pretty quick but I had a mental meltdown the further I got in, so yes my mind exploded.


I play Nethack ( if you don't know what that is dont worry its a game wherein you control a little dungeon adventurer whose goal is to retrieve an amulet then get back up the dungeon to sacrifice the amulet to your god [it's harder than it sounds])

I read "the sword of Truth" series by terry goodkind,also heavy fantasy

currently tackling the lord of the rings


so thanks for reading all that


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*tackles the person and stuff him in her pocket*


have some biltong and melktert :biggrin:


Sorry, I always get super excited when South African people join :smile: The only active Saffie members are Elgee and myself -she's bound to come by sometime (she always does :tongue: )


I'm from Pretoria :smile: And am studying at Tuks >.> Where you at?? And what got you into WoT?


*squees some more*

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A Saffie!!! *Jumptacklesnuggles* :biggrin:


I echo Ty - where in SA are you? I'm in Cape Town.


BTW, Ismail, I got my last book from Take2 only about a week after the release date. Might be worth checking out for the next one.

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Ok cape town

Bellville South

biltong would be great

Take 2 (noted)

I got in first back in Grade 7, the school librarian recommended it. then I saw it on a bookshelf in highschool and decided to keep on going. Wanted to get some more info and got into the wikia page and later the 4th age podcast (which I love).

gotta stop now my fingers are getting cold again

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Holy cow you're right around the corner from me! Well, just over the boerewors curtain (aka N1), anyway. I'm in Bothasig.


It's freezing here tonight, isn't it? I'm going to make some hot cocoa in a minute and curl up on the couch with Book 10 (20th reread) :biggrin:

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Welcome to the Mount!


<Sighs> It would seem I am too late, you've been corrupted by Elgee <Puts arm over eyes> Oh, the horror. <Shrugs and removes arm> Right, enough of me being dramatic!


Its good to see a new face around here :3! Though I see new faces all the time I never grow tired of seeing them! To that effect is there anything I can help you with? Questions I could answer or concerns I can adress? Being a staff member here..besides Elgee...I can answer or adress anything you need to know :3 Or I can point it out to someone who can answer them! (Like Elgee!)


Until then though, have fun Storming the Mount!

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How to put this in a nutshell ... well, we make characters based on the Wheel of Time, and then we write our own stories with them. Basically it's as if a whole group of people were writing a book from many different perspectives. I think the best would to show you an example.


The Warders and the Aes Sedai are currently doing a training exercise. The Warders wanted to practice warfare against people who can channel, so they asked the Aes Sedai to help out. Some of the AS are attacking them, and some are on the Warders' side helping to defend against the attacking ones.


The thread is called Training Day. Click on the underlined part in the previous sentence, and it will lead you to that thread.

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Welcome to Dragonmount! Good to see some crazy theories pending! I always like reading things from a fresh perspective.


I cant believe you like that madman! he never was as good as they said! Always one step ahead because of his damn Ta'veren luck! I should have been the Dragon!! -proceeds to balefire small children and the like-


PS- I really dont dislike Lews therin, I am a fan, its just I have to keep up appearances, being Demandred and all.


PSS - have fun here at dragonmount!


PSSS(i cant remember if this is right)- burn lews therin.

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"If you trust everyone you are a fool, If you trust no one you are a fool, we are all fools eventually" - Lews Therin

"ILYEEEENAAAAAA, (sob sob) - Lews Therin


[ToM SPOILERS AHEAD + Crazy Theory]

my current crazy theory goes one Avi's second trip through the glass column ter'angreal, basically I think that it could be averted (and I really hope it will be, its the first part of the series that I've become emotionally attached to) by making the Aiel the "Peace-keeping force" for the Dragon's peace, not to mention it can't be true because Rand has to live (because I want him to).


If you haven't yet noticed my neame is a corruption of Ishamael (wait that's a corruption of MY name) I like the fact that RJ made the primary antagonist my name in about the first ten pages.

also if the name has not yet tipped you of I'm muslim [shock horror], I'm planning to do a thread on Muslim-WOT references

Going to make a diagram showcasing balefire to a friend, I might just well post it here

and from Thom, "A woman will kill you for half the reason of a man but weep twice as much"

"I killed the whole world, and you can too, if you try hard." - Lews Therin Telamon

"Can we return to the Palace now?" Olver said, more a demand than a question. "I have a reading lesson with the Lady Riselle. She lets me rest my head on her bosom while she reads to me."

"A notable achievement, Olver," Thom said. -Olver and Thom.

"You must kill him before he kills you, Lews Therin giggled. They will you know. Dead men can't betray anyone. The voice in Rand's head turned wondering. But sometimes they don't die. Am I dead? Are you?" -Lews Therin mumbling about Asha'man.

"If I could find a way to escape my destiny, do I deserve to?" That was his own thought, not Lews Therin. Rand

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