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Nyna, I am coming for you...


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Stalking through the gardens dressed in all black, Christine watches as Nyna walks about, talking to random people and petting her various minions. Careful to not be spotted by anyone, Christine keeps her distance while still having her daggers and sword ready. The black warpaint across her face was starting to dry, and she knew that soon, it would be time to act.


Nynaeve sat down by herself on a bench, and Christine saw her moment. Slinking forward and checking to make certain to more minions or masters would be interrupting their party, she steps through the shadows to creep up behind the bench. Hearing Nyna sigh softly, Christine reaches her hands around to gently touch Nynaeve's temples. Nynaeve barely flinches, and Christine continues, gliding her fingers gently through Nyna's hair. It is almost as though she is expecting it...


Taking her knife out as her fingers reach the end of Nyna's hair, she yanks on the braid quickly and slices across her neck. Smiling to herself, she looks down at Nyna's hands to see an empty vial. Glaring at it for a second, Christine sniffs and can smell poison coming from the dead lips... Did Nyna kill herself, or was it the knife that did the deed?


Not knowing the answer, she puts Nyna's body onto a little red wagon and takes her back to Mistress Adella.

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