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I'm new!


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Although I've been visiting DM for quite awhile, I only registered last week and got activated this week.


I can't tell you how many times I've read the series because I don't know! I do have a bad habit of skimming as I read so every time I read a book over, I find something I missed before.


My favorite characters (no stones, please!) are: Egwene, Amys, and Mat. Actually, I have several other favorites but am too tired to try to list them now so although this is a very short intro, it'll stay that way for now so I can get some sleep. :)

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Guest Egwene

Hi Triani :D


Great you made it in the end 8) I like Amys too :D And you reading habit looks vaguely familar to me. It's a habit I keep trying to break, but the more I get into a story, the more I lapse...LOL


Check out Fiddlesticks... you don't have to become a member or anything... it's a case of turn up and play.


Looking at your profile... do you do rafting and stuff in Florida, or go elsewhere for that? I have fond memories of canoeing down a river near Tampa. Never felt so far away from civilisation... it was eerie.


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Egwene, the rafting I've done has been on the Chattooga (once right after Hurricane Hugo - awesome rapids, that!). In Florida, all we get are tame rivers good for tubing or canoeing. As for my reading habit, I haven't been able to break it either. I skim trying to get to the good parts and miss heaven only knows how much, then I go back to try to catch what I miss and find myself skimming again . . . Argh!


Kadere, believe it or not, I don't have any ideas as to who killed Asmo! I really, really, really would like to find out, though.


Also, I'm trying to get my user name changed to Daruya (Dah-rye'-uh) - I have a message in to Kevin about it. So if Triani suddenly disappears and Daruya appears, you'll know what happened. :wink: In case nobody recognizes the name, it's from Judy Tarr's Avaryan Chronicles. I think it actually sounds quite suitable for either a Wise One or Aes Sedai . . . :D


Thanks for all the welcomes!

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