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  1. does anyone else think that sammuel isnt actually dead? i mean it all seems a bit suspicious that you dont see him die and rands just like sure we'll go with dead
  2. DONT ENCOURAGE HIM :cry: whats wrong with my socks...everyones so mean to me
  3. MACHY simple because of the voices and the sould eating and the screams and the fact that it is black
  5. yea it is!!! lol i thought multiclouredness was cool too
  6. aww thankyou *knows they were the ones you gave her but huggles anyway* hmmm now which ones to miss match these with :lol: here i thought this was more appropriate *hands a stripey wooly hat* hehe :lol:
  7. well the men usually burn them or do something inventive with them or make someone else wear them though kad did say he would ware his and that was before he promised to do what i say
  8. well i dunno make chae wear them or something i always wear mine odd *shows a red and black long sock and a orange and black long sock* they keep me warm and i like them because they look cool lol
  9. hello and i know what you mean because sometimes it gets too confusing on who is who i hope to see you around please join us in fiddles and on the orgs aswell if you like mat the bandmight be a good org for you
  10. HELLO HAVE SOME SOCKS *hands new long stripey socks* WELCOME TP DM JOIN US ON FIDDLES HOME OF PIRATES AND VAMPIRE PENGUINS oh and ninjas and mutant sheep i love perrin tooo and if yu love wolves you should join the wolfies org but please join others aswell see you around
  11. HELLO AND WELCOME yes it is true this site did eat kaderes life do join us on fiddles and vote PITRATE or ninja i spose or VAMPIRE PENGUIN unless your one for mutant sheep have a look at the orgs too come join us :D
  12. lmao i love the last bit but is it possible just possible that shai'tan and the bubbles of evil arent real and they are all having mass halucinations?
  13. :shock: you feel sorry for him already you guys are mean and kadere you love being tied up and i have two bonded thankyou very much but one isnt on very often.....i miss him here *hands luthere some long stripey socks* these are a present for you even if you are mean *pulls face* :P
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