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Dungeons and Dragons attribures


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WOT fanatics please help!!! A number of years ago I was browsing through a book store and happened up on a wheel of time book. This book had dungeons and dragons type attributes for all of the boys and a few other notables as well (fades etc.) and looked to be a WOT themed D&D adventure.


I foolishly did not purchace that book.


I decided to rectify my atrocious decision a few weeks ago and ordered "Prophecies of the Dragon" online, which appeared to be the book I was interested in. I just got it... it does not contain the attributes that I remembered reading back in the day (or maybe I'm just not clever enough to find it). That being said it still looks like it will be a very entertaining read (if you are fanatical about WOT anyway).


Does anyone know what the book with the attributes is called and where I can get it?


Thanks in advance.



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