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  1. what!?! killing someone with balefire does not bring them back to life, what would the point of that be. If person "A" kills person "B", then person "A" gets killed by balefire then "B" might come back to life, well i sould say "B" was never killed.
  2. ok, so whenthe tinkers when they left the Aiel, they heard stories of a different time; a time when there was no war, a time when the Aiel would sing these amazing songs and plants would grow. The tinkers who left equated the song to the peace time. This thing they searched or was unattainable. Not because the song of growing was lost but their perversion of what the song was. They are chasing a dream of a time gone by, of a song that would bring about the AoL again and it is not going to happen. The Ogier sang the song of growing to the tinkers and they said it was not the right one. Of course it was not, the song of growing or any song can fill what they are looking for.
  3. Okso this is my last time posting in here. I realized my problem with the plot [holes]. I understand Harry Potter is not everyone's cup of tea but if you like it hope this analogy works. To me the ending of AMoL, better yet the Wheel of Time, is like if in Harry Potter the deathly hallows were never talked about. They are still there and still serve the same plot importance but nothing is explained about them. Harry just somehow kills Voldemort at the end and we are left wondering, how did that horcrux stone bring his parents back as ghosts...why could Voldemort not kill Harry. These would have made for good discussion but it does not make for a complete story. I did not care that there was not a 19 years later scene or that that we did not really see what happens after the LB but i would have like to have a better understanding of the end.
  4. Tom Bombadil was at the begining of the story, Nakomi is part of the ending plot, who could play a huge role in what we did not see... these are not the same. its just cheap writing, instead of being able to drop hints and leave clues BS put in things for us to wonder about (verin's letter, nakomi) that he knew were not going to be answerd.
  5. Somewhat correct. However, the balefire causes a cascading effect, essentially reweaving any effected segment of the pattern withing the "blast radius." However, the link didn't break because Mat was dead. He never was dead. It broke because he died. The transition of the existence of his thread to an area outside of the weaving of the pattern broke it. Balefire effects the pattern. This can have an effect on threads , whether currently woven in or not, but it cannot effect whether those threads have transitioned. The border is more important than either side in this instance. i think this is why team jordan said they thought about the bruises for so long. Rand Balefireing Siem did not take the bruises from min neck even though he would have never actually done it. This set the precedent and i have no probs with and your mat was never dead he died is going in a big circle. 1 he was dead, Rand saw it, Mat says other people tell him they saw him dead it did happen but it was "undone"
  6. i see the whoe why the horn link was not recreated when tahvin was balefired just like the bruses on mins neck. the link to the horn had nothing to do with rahvin his actions were taken back not effects of mats death
  7. In TGH how long did it take them to get to falme a few months right? what i am getting at is the books at the begining cover much more time than the later books when they have gateways, so in TSR like a year has passed. so yea Gaidal would be under 1 depending on who you want to quote about when the soul goes in the body. AMoL or RJ.
  8. i have never thought that it could be different memories ... for me , the Finns just gave him access to his old memories ( from previous lifes ) , they didn't create anything ... that's why his memories are always those of a Manetheren's soldier and that's why one hero of the horn thinks that Mat is the oldest one on the battlefield ... Wrong and wrong. http://wotfaq.dragonmount.com/node/77 what that FAQ does not adress is what mat is screaming when they are breaking the bond of the dagger. I also thought Mat was a Horn Hero, because he is a "character" like how Hawkwing calls him gambler, it seems like a role being played IE hero of the Horn. But what do i know
  9. see it seems that way you could of had tam and master al'vere come in and tell their brat kids to grow up, you could have lots of other people. the problem is she does nothing that only she can do. its weak
  10. it is so dumb that someone needs that role. Egwene just got done doing the exact same thing to elida that is being done to her. Her arc makes no sense
  11. dreadlord gates? shadowspawn cannot go through gateways. they just come out dead
  12. Gaidal is reincarnated as Jur Grady's son. The timing works out (baby in LoC) and Jur said that he was unusually ugly. I'm pretty sure Grady's son is also too old by a couple of years. It gives their ages at some point. grady son was like 5 in LoC Thanks, and Gaidal would be two at most by the end of the series. now that is a little trickier, because we see him in TAR in, what shadow rising? i think he is 1 at most, because the last few books really dont take up that much time at all.
  13. Gaidal is reincarnated as Jur Grady's son. The timing works out (baby in LoC) and Jur said that he was unusually ugly. I'm pretty sure Grady's son is also too old by a couple of years. It gives their ages at some point. grady son was like 5 in LoC
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