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  1. Tam lighting the pyre, and Perrin hunting for Faile.
  2. True, they are weapons. But then...So are the Ashaman. Right from their first moments, Ashaman have been warriors. To defend or to attack as needed.
  3. I'm with Pinzarn on his response. Without spoilers...there are people you meet for just a few paragraphs in book one, that become major players in later books. (Sometimes that payoff isn't for 2-3 books though). A *LOT* of the excess pays off later. I've read book one eight times and I still find new ways that it ties in with the later books. Enjoy the ride sir, I think you will really like it based on your review of book one. (Books two and three are also kinda "self contained" continuations. Book four opens up the whole world, and is considered one of the best books in the series)
  4. I think the Asha'man won't have to take the three oaths. They will be the warriors of the group. :) It gives more political power to the female aes'sedai, and more military power to the Asha'man. Makes sense. :)
  5. A healthy mix of all emotions here... I know I'll be crushed when I read the last page (And excited probably). And it will be several years before I re-read the series again...but I know I will read it again. And again...maybe make it a decade tradition...every ten years I re-read the series. LOL
  6. Didn't Rand basically threaten to Kill Perrin if he came back without Masthema?
  7. Myself personally, while I expect a few casualties in this...I would be very upset if "Everyone" dies. We already know the 100-1000 year span of things from Avi. Depending on what happens at the FoM, anyway. Mat going to Seanchan. Rand...up in the air, dead and bound either way. An interesting one would be if Rand dies, and the dragon part of him returns to being bound, while he is freed as a regular non-channeling farmboy. Egwene, also up in the air, but I'll vote survive. Elayne and die in childbirth. Perrin? Most likely becomes kind with Faile and survives. Nyn? She'll take on Casuanes role as the Aes Sedai that every other Aes Sedai fears for the next 500 years. Lan? Most likely dead and bound to the wheel. Avi? She'll survive. has to have those kids, and probably becomes a renown wiseone after awhile.
  8. Different strengths, and different thought processes in TAR. Egwene can fix herself a nice table with various teas and biscuts. Frankly, I think Perrin would have trouble doing the same. So in general "use" of TAR, Egwene wins. For instinct / strength of will? Perrin flat out. For Combat, I'm going to say he's on top of everyone on the side of light, with Isam being on the top for the dark side. Those two would fight circles around anyone else in TAR. To sum up: Egwene is to Lanfear as Perrin is to Isam. Egwene and Lanfear like to THINK of themselves as masters of TAR, but in a fight they would be so far behind Isam and Perrin that it isn't even funny. I think it comes from a dependance on channeling. The OP is a weakness in TAR, if your opponent is of the mindset that it can't hurt them.
  9. We already had the last book split into three books, so you are asking for the last book to be split into four?
  10. Good writeup, about Nynaveve getting to skip novice, and "Accepted" is someone who is no longer a danger to themselves or others with the power, which Nynaveve isn't. As an accepted, she could choose to leave the Aes Sedai. A novice doesn't have that option until they are selected to be raised accepted.
  11. I just keep reminding myself that what we're reading is several weeks behind where you are now...kinda makes it hard to discuss since the views you held then may not reflect the ones you have now. I also am curious what you thought of the Hunt for the Horn. And I can't wait to see your response to the first Mat chapters from his POV in book 3.
  12. I'm going to LOL when we get Vin and Perrin, and as the fight begins Perrin senses something familiar about Vin... Vin quickly kills Perrin, and as Perrin dies Vin seems to shimmer...he drops to his knees and yells "THE LIGHT BURN YOU!" as the mask of illusion fades, revealing it was Rand the whole time. At which point Moridin walks up and says "Now you know how I got my nickname." and the Dark one is heard laughing.
  13. You're about to learn why they didn't use the ways from the get go. In part, Moriaine can't navigate them, and two....Machin Shin. (both of which you already know about). That and when they left the two rivers I don't think she expected Trolloc Armies to pop up out of nowhere.
  14. OK, your comment on Elayne being Paris Hilton made me laugh, oh so very accurate. (Although, she has something of a work ethic...more stubbornness than anything as you have already noted - she isn't all bad. Just...yea. Paris Hilton. hahahahaha) Loved your thoughts on Basil Gill, that actually is going to have me re-reading portions of the books to look for evidence in support of this theory.
  15. Robert Jordan said that he pictured the world as 1700s, without gunpowder. So that might help when you hear things about books, carts, clothing styles, etc. As for Rand....yea, he's being guided by the pattern, a fancy excuse for plot devices to guide him. Yet...that isn't entirely accurate, for reasons you'll find as you keep reading. You are on the right track with some of your thinking (sorta kinda). Lets just say there is most certainly a tension that his Ta'veren nature does not relieve. Good writeup. :)
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