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A Missed Viewing by the Fandom


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KoD - Golden Crane


The reason it's missed is because it's an allusion. It starts when she looks out the 'window' (allusion indicator)



Suddenly fires bloomed below, six eveloping dead Trollocs in front of Malevin and Aisling, seven in front of Sandomere and Ayako, and she squinted against the blinding glare. It was like trying to look at thirteen noonday suns blazing in a cloudless sky. They were linked. She could tell from the way the flows of saidar moved, stiffly, as though they were being forced into place rather than guided. Or rather, the men were trying to force them. That never worked with the female half ot the Power. It was pure Fire, and the blazes were ferocious, fiercer than she would have expected from Fire alone. But of course they would be using saidin as well, and who could say what they were adding from that murderous chaos? The little she could recall of being linked with Rand left her with no desire ever again to go near that.


In just a few minutes the fires vanished, leaving only low heaps of grayish ash lying on seared earth that looked hard and cracked. That could not do the soil much good.


"You can't find this very entertaining, Lan. What are you thinking?" - that we've been played.


"Idle thoughts," he said, his arm hard as stone beneath her hand. New fires flared outside (indicates we're changing to something else now, RAFO!).


Seven males + six woman = Circles of Thirteen assault on the Black Tower and "It shall be rent in fire and blood. And sisters shall walk it's grounds"

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when was this quote? I do not remember reading it

It is in KoD, after the attack on Lord Algarin's manor in Tear. Chapter 20, I believe.


Since when could Nynaeve "view" the future? She was just looking out of the window watching ashaman and their aes sedai incinerate the trolloc corpses from the attack imo

She can't. I agree. I think she is just watching Aes Sedai and Asha'man destroying the bodies of Shadowspawn with her husband.
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