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If you could CHANGE any TWO character's Past ''Mistakes'' ...

The Fisher King

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Here Be Mine:



The Dragon Reborn: 1 - The Black Tower/Taim=Enough said. ... 2 - How many catastrophe's have occured now out of Rand's refusal to ''hurt women.'' ... Bonus - His strategy versus Sammael in Illian was pretty disasterous as well.



Perrin: 1 - The way he allowed Faile to treat him early on. This isn't a ''Macho/Gu'' thing, if the positions had been reversed, I'd be screaming at Faile to stick up for herself as well. ... 2 - He's just too trusting. How many times has his naivite almost gotten him killed now? Where does it come from? You can't really say its ''Two Rivers Breeding'' because the Son of Battles and TDR are both 2RivBred as well and Mat and Rand are about as suspicious and paranoid a couple of guys as you'll ever run into.



Mat Cauthon: 1 - I can't really go too much into what I consider to be Mat's Number One Mess-Up because of respect towards TOM Spoiler Courtesy, but ... 2 - His loyalty to Luca, while admirable, put him WAY behind the eight ball and created HUGE timeline problems for Jordan and ESPECIALLY Sanderson in attempts to catch him (and Perrin) up. So much could have been avoided if he had gotten his but in gear, cut from Luca, and started doing what he NEEDED to be doing earlier (TOG/Camelyn/Rand).



Egwene: 1 - Again, can't go into too much out of respect to the TOM Spoiler Policy, but ... 2 - Her arrogance. Pure and simple. Over the entire series. It says alot when, out of 13 books, you like a character in only one (TGS).



Cadsuane Sedai: 1 Obviously, she erred massively with her ''guarding'' of the Male Adam in TGS. ... 2 - Overall, she pushed and prodded Rand too far and too long and we saw what almost happened as a result in TGS. Shes still a BadA$$ though.



Moiriaine Damodred: 1 Tragically, I honestly believe that if she hadn't /misread/tried to force Prophecy her sacrifice in FOH would not have been necessary ... 2 - I wish she hadn't cut Rand loose in Book 2. He needed her more than ever. That was when Rand really began to harden and lose his way. She miscalculated.




- Fish

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Elayne near the end of KoD when, despite the fact that she should have learned from all her past mistakes, still is overconfident and takes 4 Aes Sedai (herself included as one) into Lady Shiane's manor house. Her and Nynaeve have often blustered in with way too much overconfidence and not enough caution, and I would have thought that by KoD RJ would have had her finally learn that lesson. But no, she's STILL stubborn, and it cost her Adeleas, Sareitha, and hundreds of soldiers. Sometimes I think Elayne is an idiot.

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Faile: Stop being so nosy. When Perrin says "No" he means no.. Not "YES". God, they're right next to each other in the alphabet! N...O..! Also the whole thing with Berelain didn't make all that much sense to me.


Moiraine: She's really awesome! The only change I would've made is that there would've been a re-union between her and Siuan or atleast a letter.


Perrin: From ToM onwards he seems completely badass so guess having that whole rescue mission fiasco was worth it :P


Mat: Don't get married yet >_>

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In all honesty the mistakes these characters make are one of the things I like about the books. For example, while Rand has certainly been a fool on more than one occasion I wouldnt change his mistakes because they are the most entertaining for me.


Regarding Cadsuane, I look at that situation more as a victory of Shaidar as opposed to a mistake by Cadsuane. There was no way she could anticipate that, it would be like expecting her to dream up old Power techniques and she is clearly not one of the characters who will make such discoveries. Rand was as much at fault as her, which is to say, neither are in my opinion.


Egwene made a mistake in letting Verin die. Surely there was some Aes Sedai that could Heal her of that poison. But thats not really an epic mistake, so not sure how relevent it is.


Also if I was Ishamael I would send the Forsaken after Mat and Perrin earlier. Say, just after Rand proclaims himself. You know, Rand shouts "I am the Dragon Reborn!" and yet when waiting for Forsaken hes stood there scratching his head wondering where they all are, and in reality they have started hunting the other two before they amass armies and become almost untouchable.


Also if I was Demandred I wouldnt have gone to the Shadow. "Mum can I have some pocket money? NO!? Fine, I'll be off to swear to the Shadow then."

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This post includes spoiler from The Gathering Storm----------


I don't believe any mistakes should change. Why? Near the end of TGS we witness Cadsuane's terrible failure with her plan about using Tam to speak to Rand, but wait. Was that a mistake at all? It was so close to be a deadly one. However, it made Rand realize what was going wrong about him when he was sitting in the Dragon Mount.

Well, the writers aren't to explain every little thing, but even Aram's death has a meaning. Maybe it will help Perrin to make the right decision about something in the future.

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