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  1. for the first time I enjoyed Mat chapters all through the book. he was really funny. there was one moment (I think it was with egwene) that I stopped the audiobook and laughed aloud for a minute. It gives me pain that I don't remember what that was about. anyone remembers that hilarious dialogue?
  2. While reading, I thought about the same thing but now, think of it: Moghedien wants to be an Aes Sedai, suldam delivers her to the tower, the aes sedai notices (for sure) the newcomer is a former forsaken and feel regretful that they couldn't prepare a warm wellcome party. edit: by the way, someone above mentioned the string theory. wow! wheel of time science indeed has an awesome similarity to the string theory.
  3. The last book is very very close. I remember well how excited I was when finishing the Towers of Midnight. I was like "Light! What will happen now?" Now I'm like, there was something I was particularly curious about but... what was that?? I don't remember anything! People in this forum are arguing about who was controlling Masema and I just feel like, "What the hell was Masema" Am I the only one who has serious memory problems about this books? I want to remember every detail. Thats how it is fun. So, is there anything you can advise?
  4. Well as I told in another thread before they both are placed as "mentor"s in the stories. it's no surprise they're similiar. As for this aspect, one difference is that gandalf shined, sparkled and literally leveled up like a game hero unlike moiraine whose powers are reduced.
  5. Thank you for sharing Peep. When I love a movie too much I google it to find some comments about what was wrong about the movie. Maybe bcz I lose myselft to much into it. Your comment did the same job. No book is perfect, no man is perfect. Even if someone prove that robert jordan is (put some ugly word here that can be moderated) it still wouldn't change how I approach to his books. I dont care about his personality in that manner but I would like to read what you actually wrote about him anyways. Also your question was a good one. I'd really want to hear a proper answer for that one. I met him in a book signing too. I think it was 2005. It was a such a chance all of you including peep would like to had. He came to istanbul/turkey and here very very few people even know about him. There were no assistants, no crowd not even a line. He was sitting there alone, tapping his fingers on the table and looking flaming bored. Obviously the publishers made him come here to promote the sales and he was cursing inside to the publishers. It was a very rainy and cold day to go out but I went 4 hours of way and all the way I was thinking about what to say to him. There I went near him, then only thing that I could say was "Is baalzamon dead?" I didn't know how to speak english then :)) You see, I had the chance to speak with him for hours but this was all I said and he replied dryly, "keep reading". This simple encounter kept me thinking for all the years that passed. I have the feeling even I could speak english better than him, it wouldn't make a longer conversation.
  6. You're right of course :) but one more thing, a small one. I looked at them in detail and I saw that when a character (mar-perrin) doesn't travel anywhere in the whole book you just skipped. you can add a blue or yellow point instead so we can know he's there
  7. I think it's a little early to make predictions about that since even in the books we are not given knowledge about the Dark One's appearence if there is one. Funny but I've never thought about the issue before. Well, DO shouldn't have a body. He would just look like another forsaken. Just as well, it will be ridiculous if Rand fights the DO with any power. Even the dragon reborn cannot be powerful enough. I think the defeat will be by logic or you know, "power of love" thing. So we won't see any actual battle with the DO. That means the Big Bad will be Demandred
  8. great maps! but when you have time, please add more plot lines :)
  9. I think Phelix's fist post clarified verin's restrictions well enough. and it was fun to see the spoiler thing becoming an epic fail in this threat
  10. I assume, acording to the dark prophecy, rand must live until the last battle. only then he can be defeated. forsaken aren't allowed to kill him. so moridin wouldn't do that.
  11. Well, I wouldn't make a bold claim like that of course, it just surprised me. Most of them doesn't make sense. Like "aile" used for islands (ie."aile dashar") means family in Turkish. There are so much examples that make me confused when reading the turkish translation of the books. and yes, a lot of them are arabic originated, but not all. At least I know for sure that "Gencay" is totally Turkish originated. Have I mentioned "Bela" means trouble? :D:D
  12. ashes.. I'm listening audiobooks and I always thought his name was written like something else. Now it makes sense why he has "not-quite-alive" eyes. In Turkish, mezar is the exact word for graveyard. Ghenjei is a male name (meaning youngmoon)which is as common as Be'lal. Although they're read the same, they're written a little different (Gencay, Bilal). You know, the Dark One's true name is same as what we call devil. and so many more turkish words all through the books that I cant remember now. btw way I agree with the city idea too, and Taim being from there is really cool.
  13. this is even funnier than bela :D:D:D by the way I'm really desperate to know how this bela humor started
  14. I've read the whole thread (today I do it alot) and never seen such a surprising idea! Very nice one but I think unlikely. I guess, the blank is something we already know, the red veiled aiel. BS didn't want to say it bcz he was gonna use it at the end of ToM.
  15. Wheel of time turns, ages come and pass and when what was told about "compulsion"s spelling in the first pages of this thread is long forgotten, someone does it again. Well, I'm not native English speaker and even in this post I may have many mistakes but at least I try to read the posts :)) I was almost sure when Egwene got herself prisoned that she was under compulsion. Now, it could be really just being Amyrlin. We know the Forsaken talked among themselves about Egwene's achivements as their plans coming to life one by one. My curiousity is that if she is compelled, there'll be terrible things happening in the Tower during the Last Battle. I'm not sure but I think I remember bad things happened to them in Aviendha's viewings. Maybe everything is planned so well that even Mesaana's death can't disturb the course. I would be happy to see the bad guys weren't that idiot indeed!
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