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*unexplainable hysterical, ear wrencing sound*


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hmm, i've often thought that DM needed a "like" button, i think that like buttons are the only reason i'm on facebook so mutch...



on a side note...








But realy, this is getting ridiculous, i'm starting to get the shakes now...

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i just annoyed that it is already 11am here and still no book delivered yet at the boookstore pffft

torture and i have class at 2pm



And you're actualy gonna go?????


wow, i will be locked in my room for the next 24 hours, all responsabilitys have been thrown out of the window with gusto.

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have to go :p have a test goddamnit of all the days to have a bloody test :angry:


but hopefully i will go get my book before,waiting for the call that says "your copy just arrived please come pick it up" and i will rush to the bookstore 10mins walk away from uni and go get it :p

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its 10:30am here, the local stores dont get it in until around midday. It is sooooo strange that the 2-3 hour wait seems longer than the whole year wait since tGS


I am ready, if anything disrupts me purchasing and subsequently reading the book, I may attack some random people. I cannot be held responsible for my actions. :biggrin:



(ohh, on a side note, if any police are reading, I am joking, I am not going to harm anyone. :tongue: )

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damn son, thats harsh. Realy...i think i'd take the other option and just fail uni.


seriously, my plan for today is as follows...


get up at 6am


pace about untill 8am


walk up town, getting there about 8.30am


buying ToM at 9am when WHSmith opens


reading ToM until finished, taking 15 minute gaps every 2 or so hours. depending on weather i'm reading perrin or mat.


finishing the book around 5pm


starting re-read number 1.*


Falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning


*at some point in this section i will come on to DM and post simmilar fanatic comments to the ones i've already been posting all night.




And by bed i mean re-read various WoT books untill sleep takes me.


Catch guys, next we speak it will surely be a better time for us all :)

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night, next time you will be on the spoiler board and having read the ToM already and i will keep on waiting for that call,to go pick my copy

@barid you got that right, waiting for 2-3 hours is so much worse

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I confess I just came back from going around bookstores, hoping to find an early copy. No luck. I did find some manga I almost bought, though. Then I realized I don't really like Rosario+Vampire very much.


Gonna check out the store in a few hours. Hopefully it'll be up around midnight. If not I guess I'm waiting until Wednesday to buy it... and I have a test that day, too.

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Reading your first post made me think - "is this the reason the DO is trying to destroy the wheel, is HIS postman late with his copy too?"


I mean he must be itching to find out how this ends, he's been planning it for years and now he only has about 1 year left to see how it all turns out.

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i hope dragonmount goes down for a day or so.


I can practically hear the spoiler section calling for me. "Read me waffle. Read me. You know you want to."



If you want, you could always ASK to be banned. That way, no temptation :wink:


I changed my mind. Go Dragonmount. Woo

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So. I order from Amazon, with 2 day shipping so it will arrive here today.


They ship with USPS originally. Annoying, but okay, as long as I get it I don't care... except they switched to Fedex at 2 AM this morning (using USPS for confirmation or whatever it is they do), and now it will be here a day late.


I wish I had not signed up for the free trial of Prime to get it in 2 days so I could send them a scathing email. As it is, I'm really, really mad.



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finished the book, and that's my recation. It's GID guys, one of the best so far possibly top 5 material.

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the book store here wasn't sure when they were gonna get the book, they said maybe around the 10th. so i bought it online. supposed to reach me tomorrow. now i see that it says it will be in transit for 1 additional day. <expletive>. even better? i went to the book store today for another book launch, and what do you know? big shelf full of ToM right in front of the door. ugh. i really had to resist not buying it again! oh well, at least if can tell myself i saved 30% off the price this way.

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