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  1. Demandred was in Shara and would whoop everyone with a might whooping of doom-Right Logain and Taim wouldn't face of-Right Rand and Demandred wouldn't face off-Right BODYSWAP-Right True Power used as a buffer-Right Bela makes an appearance-Right One or more of the 5 die-Right Moghedien servives to the end?....-oh so wrong ....c'mon guys....What the hell?!
  2. The only word to describe me right now is "melancholy" The Wheel of Time is in my opinion the greatest story ever told. And now it is finished. I will never again read another Wheel of Time book without knowing what will happen next. He wrote more than just a story. What you he is in the language of Thom Merrillin "Exquisite". I loved it, totally loved it...especially Demandred and Lan..... It was all just so good!
  3. Hey guys!!! So...the name is Lynchgrinch, from sunny Scotland and I used to frequent these parts very regularly a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) but then i got pre-occupied being a missionary in Latvia for 2 years. Well....the good news is, I'm back!....the bad news is...I absolutely do not have enough time for a complete re-read before the aMoL release date! Sad days! Can't wait to get stuck back in to all the discussion/theorising that you DM'ers are so great at!
  4. Urgh, so annoyed that i live in Scotland right now. Get this changed and made available to EVERYONE, Orbit!!
  5. Male 18, I'm a Rand/Mat/Aiel type of guy ;)
  6. Haha, brilliant. I love hearing about things like this! I was watching Avatar the other day, and just noticed that the guys greet eachother with ' i see you'! NO WAY, THEY'RE ALL AEIL!!!
  7. I'm agreeing with the peeps here who say not to read new spring first, it's a great read Deffo....but save it untill later and it will read much better. I'd do a full read through up to book 13 and then go back to New Spring and it will be a much better read, you'll know whats going on and will be re-visiting much loved and awesome characters.
  8. well I do love Nynaeve, Aviendha and Min. Oh and Birgitte too, she's pretty damn awesome. My fave character are still male though, Rand and Mat, Rhuarc and Gaul...Loial...yeah they're awesome.
  9. Listen to alter bridge people....such a damn brilliant band!!!

  10. yeah, it would be best without colour, but still pretty sweet! I always wanted to get a dragon on my arm like an aiel clan cheif.....like a big huge gold and red one.....but then i'm like, do i rally wanna be known as the guy with the geek tattoo my whole life? Skrew it, i'll probably get it done one day...
  11. Hey, great to meet ya! welcome along to what is surely the best WoT community out there! And i know! The end is soo damn near, it's almost too much! The folks here are great, you can pretty much post anywhere and get a great well informed response from the folks, General/ToM WoT discussion is great place to hang out and share theorys with folk. Some great Orgs to join too. Anyhoo, enjoy your stay and i hope you get as much out of this site as i do!
  12. Is anyone else thinking...."holy crap, i never realised that randland has so many people living in it!" :p The numbers make sence if you think about them, yeah, but i suppose i never REALY payed attention to them...
  13. Verin?....Deus Ex Machina?......no way! RJ had the Verin plotline thought out so well that he left loads of tiny clues all along the way leading up to her grand unveiling in tGS. No, there is no way verin was a cop out. We were all just too stupid to spot the verinisms. Have Perrin die? You CLEARLY havent read TOM, thats all i'm sayin'. Perrin has done some of the coolest things in the series...Save the two rivers, WOLFBROTHER???? that ring any gongs? I like that no one has realy been killed off ASOIAF style, it wouldnt suit the series well. But i do agree with you regarding the forsaken, They could be much, much harder and more badass....i mean we all know Rand is ridiculously badass, but they should at least be able to put up a fight....I'm hoping that Demandred and IsyDin will redeem the chosen in this way. Actualy, wait....Graendal, Lanfear and Semi are all pretty damn well written and pretty damn badass in they're own right....it's the MALE forsaken that tend to be uninspiring...Rhavin got owned, Asmo got owned...even ishy got owned 3 times round when Rand was untrained...sammael got raped also. bel'al, aginor and balthamel were all complete jokes, the put up NO fight whatsoever....and aginor was supposed to be the strongest forsaken, bar ishy. Messana so far has been pretty uninspiring too, as has moghedien...but we always knew that she was a coward. I do like the FS getting reborn, though....but i still recon we've got more to see from that neck of the woods. Also, i'd make WH and CoT one book, rather than two pretty damn boring ones. tsk tsk.
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