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How did the Black Ajah find out what was going on?


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I'm listening to TGS again, and I'm wondering if it's made clear how the Black sisters got away from Egwene.

(jeez, saying the black sisters sounds a little racist)


Anyway, here is what I came up with. Any other options?



1. Some Warders were darkfriends, and bonded to sisters who are not.

Those warders would have been let loose as soon as their Aes Sedai swore she wasn't black.

They then would have tipped off the other Darkfriend Warders.


2. Some Darkfriend sisters were bonded to each other.


3. Somehow Messena found out what was going on and figured out a way around the Oath Rod.

Problem with this one, is we know some of the rebel Darkfriends got away, and there is no reason to believe she was with them.


4. Some dark sisters knew a way around the oath rod.


5. One of the sitters that wasn't a darkfriend was tortured by a dark sister to find out what was going on in that meeting.


All it would take is 1 darkfriend getting out and tipping off their "Heart", who would in turn tip off others and before you know it dozens get away.

that's all I have right now.

Any other ideas?


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Too many people and too many variables involved.

1) Among other possibilities, DFs in Byrne's army who are guarding warders and the travelling grounds.

2) DF camp followers among the washer-women, etc.

Lots of people who see warders being restrained and AS going into the Hall.


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