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Rand, LTT, Tarmon Gaidon, T'A'R', nynaeve and a ter'angreal


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OK here goes my crazy theory for how the last battle will go down, more or less the lews / rand one of them dying issue...


Facing off against the dark one, Rand manages control of saidin over the loveable Lews therrin. Linked to Nynaeve on tremalking (female access key toast, only way possible to beat the D.O. in a firefight is to stand ground at tremalking, remember lans advice about making an enemy come to you).


Dark one decides to nuke rand something shocking with some kind of super powerful, pattern ripping, direct blast of the true power. Rand CANT SEE THE WEAVES so cannot block it. The blast isnt aimed at rand's body though, it strikes his soul (the DO doesnt really know about lews therrin's soul jammed in le' body of Al'thor along side rand's soul so its not exactly an issue).


Tremendous amount of the OP is ripped from rands grasp as his soul is blasted, not into oblivion, but into Tel'Aran'Rhiod(sp?), in the process gentling him. His soul creates a manifestation of a body in T'A'R' (think hero of the horn style). Bear with me here im trying to get across that LOTS of things are happening at once BTW. So Rand's stranded in T'A'R' while the DO's feeling pretty spiffy about an easy win. Nynaeve being linked to rand at the time feels him not die but drift away (recognises some kind of feel from a dream Ter'angreal considering all the salidar AS are hooked on them.) Rand's BODY's eyes glaze over but he stays standing. Suddenly the eye's open up but with a fervent hatred tinged with maddness shinging through them.


Enter the soul of my hero Lews Therrin Telamon, The original dragon. Through his much controversial (crack the world like an egg!!!!) and feared Cheodan Kal Lews takes hold of the power again, somehow dragging a fully powered - tremalking statued - Nynaeve back into a link. (link severed with Randy boy). Now Nyn just kinda sits down, quite like the clensing of saidin, and uses herself as some kind of massive ass angreal like last time. LTT is incredible with his Uber weaves and destroys / reseals Mr shai'tan. (im currently HOPING for destroys but re-seals seems more logical in accordance with the series).


Lews Therrin realises that he must travel to shaol ghul to beat/seal Shai'tan where his power lies. (he realises's he's fighting an avatar of the DO not the full blown Shai-tan man. He's a smart cookie old Lews so it didnt take him long to realise).

Still linked to Nyn he gateways it to shaol ghul (he went there 3000 years b4 and still remembers the way) to continue round 2 against the DO. [Robert Jordan has stated a link in the one power can continue over distance, -as Nyn has to stay on Tremalking to stay linked to the giant Sa'Angreal- i just dont remember EXACTLY where / when he said it. A Dragonmount Veteran could probably clarify]. There is a downside to this turn of events however, the dark one is more powerful in shaol ghul So Lews has to somehow push himself and the access key further than is safe for Rands body. (the statues were never tested, there may be a way to push it into overdrive, bypassing the safety level buffer) and eventually does what he does best, overdosing on the power to ensure a grand finale. (At this point nynaeve's like rolling around on tremalking giggling with the extacy of so much OP in her.)


Using the last of his power and Rand's Body's life Lews Da mighty man wins, and his soul is put to rest with a final 'im coming Ileyna'. By some unforseen turn of events Rand's body's blood is spilled on the rocks at shaol ghul. Or an aiel gets carved up on the rocks (aiel being rands blood.. we've read the posts...) anyway its over. Silence. Nynaeve's shell-shocked somewhat hit by a massive OP comedown as Lew's released Saidar upon his death. During all this time everyone else is battling hordes of shadowspawn / dreadlords / communism.


Rands 3 lovely ladies felt the bond dissapear when the DO first sends rands half off to T'A'R' at the start of my rant / story. They have now ran off from they're respective battles because they assume Rand has died (which is TECHNICALLY true, think 'one of you lives one of you dies...' they didnt feel the fading into T'A'R like Nyn did cause they were too busy killin stuff to put attention on the bond).


JUST BEFORE (im talking 5 minutes or so) Rand's girlfriends arrive at shaol ghul where the figured he'd be, gotta love prophecy, Nynaeve kinda figures MAYBE the D.O. "faded" part of rand off to the unseen world (she has NO IDEA about Lews therrin taking control or anything, just kinda bushwhacked a bit) So she waeves a gateway to visit Egwene who's engaged in a b*tch slap fight (tifa vs scarlet for you FFVII fans) with Alvahrin (is she the leader of the black ajah I dont 100% remember..) Egwene wins.


Nynaeve half coherently explains her idea of rand maybe kinda not being dead and could be in T'A'R. Egwene decides to get all the wise one's in on a good old fashioned Tel'Aran'Rhiod Cara'carn hunt.


They find him, a minor wise one gets this cameo honor cause amys feels sorry for her not getting any narrative time, we'll name her sally for funsies. Meanwhile Avi, Min and Elayne being quite presumptious have an emotion filled 40 page feelings session / funeral / keeping in line with nicola's foretelling -for Rand, (They're good at hide and seek with the black ajah so finding rands body amongst rocks is a piece of cake)


But he who is dead yet lives my friends. Except none of the wise ones (even the overlooked sally) or Egwene (who doesnt count as wise by any standards) can drag Rand outta T'A'R. He explains that just as he felt himself being ripped away he could still feel saidin, he was gentled in T'A'R and thus to exit he needs to be able to weave his own gateway outta there. The wisdom team as we shall refer them decides they should let rand carry out his plan by first getting Nynaeve to heal his gentling, as they dont wanna enter in the flesh to weave a gateway out for rand cause they're too scared they'll loose some of their souls (im assuming if you enter T'A'R' in the dream you cant actually weave the gateway back to the normal world as can be done by entering in the flesh). So they get Nynaeve in there using the afore mentioned in the title Ter'angreal (dream ter'angreal) who heals his severance from the OP. He then weaves a gateway out of T'A'R' for himself after shaking Nyn's hand for being such a sport during the whole climatic battle ideal.


And while three women stand grieving in a boat of whatever (Nic's foretelling) over rands DEAD body, rand's soul (i know its getting technical, almost done) gets a new body Birgette style. The 4 way bond he's got going springs back into action as soon as he gets back into the real world (it took elayne to bond Birgette to keep her T'A'R' ripped body alive so i assume rand would need a warder bond too). Nynaeve wakes up, gives her dream ter'angreal to suian so suian can get a go of T'A'R. Then does some MASSIVE healing on the unconcoious yet alive Rand's body #2 who happened to appear back on tremalking where he was blasted away in the first place, which is where Nyn guessed he would. Rand gets up, eats so many chickens mat's eyes goggle, and decides to pick up where he left off against the Seanchan (the great battle done yet the world not done with battle). This is testamite to the fact we know rand likes war cause its manly and fun.


Not being All crazied up by the taint on saidin, or Lews therrin (whom he's very sad about loosing, his mental penpal) he grabs callandor and goes for round 2 with the "i am the storm" actualy doesnt kill his own men this time. Wins against the Seanchan too cause i dont like them. There done. Thats my theory about everything!!! CRITISE IT!! :!:

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That was impressive. *looks slightly shell-shocked*


I do have a couple of points though.


For starters it wasn't just the Access Key that was destroyed, the Sa'angreal itself melted. We find this out in KoD - To Make An Anchor Weep. There is no longer a female Choedan Kal.


Secondly, despite what Verin said, no one can use the Choedan Kal directly. The Access Keys are always required.


Dark one decides to nuke rand something shocking with some kind of super powerful, pattern ripping, direct blast of the true power. Rand CANT SEE THE WEAVES so cannot block it. The blast isnt aimed at rand's body though, it strikes his soul (the DO doesnt really know about lews therrin's soul jammed in le' body of Al'thor along side rand's soul so its not exactly an issue).


1. We don't know that the Dark One even weaves when he uses his power. Based on what we've seen the Dark One uses his powers in a far more...unsubstantiable manner.


2. Rand has experience fighting weaves he cannot see... pretty much every woman he's fought has been like that.


3. Lews Therin's soul is not a seperate entity. The Lews Therin persona is like another facet of Rand's soul... And Rand of Lews Therin... it is the same soul.


Oh, i gotta run, ill comment on the rest later.

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also i beleive that min had a viewing on that former seachan damane' date=' alyse?, that she would be the one to kill rand[/quote']


Aye, Alivia. And keep in mind that "helps Rand to die" does not mean "to kill Rand". There could be many other means to which Alivia could aid Rand in dying. Even if to "help Rand die" even results in his death. :?

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haha nice theory dude


but i've always pictured TG happening in the borderlands where trollocs, fades and all kinds of dementoids come rushing out non stop and since Rand has all the nations of the world united under him fight, soldiers and aes sedai/ashaman will be fighting those. Perrin the wolf king gets all the wolves in the world to charge the freakassed helldogs, mat and his band totally kick ass cos the battle is his biggest gamble yet and whilst this is happening, Rand is fighting the DO in the sky with Callandor. The Aiel and the Seanchan are also in the big boiling pot and after hours of non stop killing with the OP, TP and weaps...Rand has to freakin stab the DO and the world has to explode with light.

We can't end the awesomest fantasy epic ever written without the grandest ending yeah.


and again i've been wondering why the creator doesn't do jack, hes meant to be the equivalent of the DO so maybe he'll pop out to save the day.

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The Last Battle wont just be one battle. The numbers involved makes this implausible, and if the Light were to try and take on the shadow in one sitting they'd be defeated... they are too badly outnumbered. Likely it'll be spread between three battles. One with Rand in Shayol Ghoul, one probably in the vicinity of Arad Domon, one to the north of Tar Valon... and probably some sort of strike will be made out of some waygates that havn't been shut properly.

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This is why I am extremely glad the author will hopefully be finishing the series himself. Wow, really sounded completely different than the story has this far. I really think aymore theories on how everything is going to happen that are at all similar to this one should be banned. Ha, sorry but this one is actually funny mostly because of how far it is off how the story has been going so far.

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Dude, I'm pretty sure that story was written as a joke or at least hopefully with the knowledge that what was being written was only a sarcastic story with no involvement whatsoever in the actual storylines. So, basically just time spent trying to make a funny and I think that being the aim a good job was done. But if the purpose of that was anything leaning away from that and toward serious contemplation of what might happen it was a waste of time writing and so someone just has to point that out. If that causes any serious negative reaction from the mods or anyone else obviously they haven't read what Robert Jordan has put in front of us so far and came to the conclusion that almost nothing that was written above in this original post makes any sense or could even possibly happen. Wow...

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Did you even read the post above man? I'm pretty sure Robert Jordan isn't going to have a 'cameo appearance' of a Wise One named Sally (ROFL) Quote below:

They find him, a minor wise one gets this cameo honor cause amys feels sorry for her not getting any narrative time, we'll name her sally for funsies.


Then he has this which I'm sure is a serious theory of what will happen in the last book- 40 pages, feelings session, real attributes to the author's writing so far:

Meanwhile Avi, Min and Elayne being quite presumptious have an emotion filled 40 page feelings session / funeral / keeping in line with nicola's foretelling -for Rand.


I'm also sure that (sorry laughing while I'm typing this) I'm sure that the Dark One will not be 'nuking' Rand with the True power but hitting his soul while he is standing his ground at Tremalking.

One other thing in the post that got me laughing,'the wisdom team.'


I didn't even want to resort to quoting or even delving into this post at all, but sometimes people are too worried about defending the individual and instead of actually talking about what will or could happen in the last book they go off on tangents that aren't anything but funny in nature and if I needed good comedy that bad I would be watching Comedy Central or some standup not coming to a Wheel of Time theory forum. I will go as far as saying that if this post was written with a purely serious intent and not as just a free time fun joke thing then I will personally help the original post author go over why each individual occurence that I am talking about is completely impossible even though others have already helped before me. Sorry for anyone that I might have alienated but I'm 100% sure that if Robert Jordan himself read the original post he would do one of two things. Laugh and continue on with his day or say to himself I really hope this isn't serious, maybe both. Sorry for stepping on people's toes but someone who has read the series through several times and takes it seriously had to make sure it was clear that this isn't exactly a completely sound theory. And I had to be the one to say something because one of my long time friends has read through the whole Wheel of Time series two times and is on his third and he comes up with these types of theories just to try and get me to say it could possibly happen even though it may be unlikely so he can laugh and say he was just BSing the whole time. Somewhere in my mind I think he may have been the original poster because too many things sound hilarious in the way he makes them sound so that's why I originally posted but oh well.

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Now I'm in the awkward position of not knowing if you're kidding or not.



Walt Disney's classic movie Bambi? Thumper, Bambi's little rabbit friend? Thumper's mom, the highly fertile fount of wisdom who said, "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nuthin at all."



I guess it is kind of sad that I'm referencing Bambi ....

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For the record, and not ass-kissing, that was horrible.


There, I figure that was not asskissing enough.


Some of the theory holds together - I thought the part with the Aiel Blood at Shayol Guhl was especially insightful, but Egwene vs Alviarhin? Please, sistah, don't play that game, to almost quote Bret Easton Ellis.


And for the record, I think it's pretty obvious Rand won't truly die. Part of him will, perhaps as simply as Lews Therin or as his memory, but both of these theories are so far worthless.


Personally, I think both of these focus too far on Rand. I believe that the key, and I'd even capitalize it, the Key, to winning the Last Battle, is Mat.


That's fucking right. Mat. I strongly believe that Mat is the key to winning the last battle.


Luck his soul...

However that rhyme went that Noal ripped out when they were escaping with Tuon in Luca's show, I think's definitely a very, very subtle moment of foreshadowing. You can't deny that Robert Jordan's ever been anything but a master at hiding what's happening next - and clearly, by that I mean that you can deny it as soon as you've read the next book and claim that you saw it coming, you trendy Terry Goodkind lovers.


Mat, mark my words, is the key. He has not lost an eye yet, which is clearly his "Give up half the light of the world to save the world" quote, if it's not obvious yet, and he's Rand's key to "Binding the Nine Moons to serve him." You know, being Prince of the Ravens and royalty and all.


For the record, I have no answer to Logain's claim to Glory, or to Pevara's dealings with Mazrim Taim, who is by now clearly a Darkfriend, or to Egwene besting Elaida in the midst of a Senchean attack (a wild theory tells me it will be orchestrated by Tuon and stopped by Mat as the only man to have an ability against Saidar.).


Most of this is speculation, but there are nuggest buried within the text that give a lot of credibility to a few thoughts within the gigantic chance that is my theory. The quotes, prophecies, and bonds kind of allow it that way.


Oh, and of course Moiraine is going to somehow make it.


To be honest, I think half the battle will be in the World of Dreams - and sue me for why, but I think "The Wolf King" (As Perrin is named by the Senchean, and since he has Faile back) and Egwene (as a powerful dreamwalker and having Elayne as an associate to ter'angreal) will lead it.


Sue me for my bloody theories. Please mail any complaints to thibaultk@hotmail.com, otherwise I might never check this forum again.

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1st Tremalking statue is melted to slag and gone, so are the controls for same,

2nd the Shadow wants Rand alive,,, I feel the to the Shadow this is all a very entertaining game, but that the Shadows main wish is to convert Rand/Lews to the Dark,,, :twisted: come over to the Dark side Luke ,,, nyahaha :twisted: It is a personal goal of the Shadow

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