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  1. I agree with Mystica and I also hope a situation like that comes about. I just want to add that Rand will no longer have to deal with the Seanchan alone, he has Mat who has become among the highest of Seanchan loyalty and is indeed married to the Seanchan Empress. Due to Rand's mindset during the first real meeting with Tuon he wasn't thinking clearly or approaching the situation in a very intelligent manner. Rand knows from his visions of Mat that there is some sort of relationship between Mat and Tuon although I'm not sure if he realizes they are married. Even so, when we leave Mat he is with Moiraine who will be seeking out Rand and hopefully they will find him before another meeting with Tuon. That way Tuon will see a new Rand, a better Rand and Mat will be with him to ease her even more to the side of the Dragon Reborn. Plus the Seanchan will have a chance to see their new Prince of the Ravens and Mat will have to deal with the uncomfortable and humorous feelings that come with people treating him as a lord.
  2. She cannot see the weaves themselves, but she can see their effect. And if the effect of Rand's weaving is a golden-threadlike shield between his mind and the taint, then I don't see why Nynaeve's Delving wouldn't be able to detect it in the same way as it detects the taint itself. Yeah but Rand placing a weave inside his head like that sounds an awful lot like Healing or close to Healing himself which channelers cannot do. A channeler cannot even Delve themselves so I don't know if he could do something that produces a glow inside his own body. Although I don't recall what making a ward protecting your dreams specifically involves, a channeler using the One Power on themselves to Heal, wash away fatigue, picking up themselves (flying) and so on are impossible. I really don't see how Rand could attempt to fix something even Nynaeve was horrified to contemplate fixing when he has never shown any skill at Healing or working with things that relate to the brain like Compulsion. Ishamael says in the prologue in Eye of the World that even the best Healers of Age of Legends would have only been able to give Lews Therin a few moments (or minutes maybe) of relative sanity if they could survive getting that close. How would Rand, even with Lews Therin's memories, have been able to accomplish a feat that not even the best Healers/Brain specialists of the Age of Legends could not hope to accomplish? The other thing is that women can still recognize the five powers being used in an active ward even if it is saidin and along with that glow Nynaeve would have "felt" the ward itself. Other women notice the feel of wards, weaves or flows using saidin just as Rand can feel the weaves of saidar holding him from touching the Power when he is captured by the Tower Aes Sedai. He can even tell whether the weaves are active or tied off so I don't see how Nynaeve wouldn't have known saidin was involved in the light protecting Rand from the madness.
  3. Ah, I was mostly wondering because of the plan that Sammael, Graendal, Lanfear and Rahvin had to lure Rand to attack Sammael and then Link to kill or capture him. I wasn't sure if four people, two being men and two being women could Link. This probably just means they meant that Graendal and Lanfear would link with Rahvin while Sammael was the bait.
  4. I had thought that Turin because I can't recall two male Forsaken ever thinking of linking with only one female but I wasn't sure. I think it was Sammael and Rahvin who were thinking of linking with Graendal and Lanfear but always it was the men linking with an equal number of women, I thought. Just wasn't sure if the rule of thirteen might hold up yet again with the men just to throw the number in there again.
  5. See I don't really understand the questioning of Rand being written as becoming more and more powerful as the Last Battle draws closer. Surely there are enough elements added to his character with what he has gone through and how he has progressed to support him becoming godlike. Especially since gaining a more complete control and balance with Lews Therin's lifetime being his own in one way or another. Not to mention that he seemingly has the support, however mysterious and indirect, of the Creator at this point (I'm thinking specifically of the glow protecting him from madness). To be a champion of the Light RJ had to imagine a person that would certainly seem superhuman to others, even other channelers. I mean what would a savior of humanity be if he wasn't a step above the norm right? I personally like how Brandon has taken the series forward considering all things. The times I notice something I don't necessarily like or where I notice a difference from RJ's style I tend to remind myself that throughout this series with both BS and RJ there are times when I would have like this or that to go differently. This is an incomplete story at this point though. I am not going to jump to conclusions about this characters actions or that characters thought process until the last word has been written and I have read the last book preferably two or three times, hah, although I'm sure I will inadvertently be drawing conclusions while doing the first reading.
  6. I looked over some interviews although I'm not sure why this question is bothering me but it's simple so I thought I would ask it here. Men alone cannot Link but up to thirteen women can link together before needing a man involved in the circle. Now how many men can link with only one woman, up to thirteen men before another woman is needed or not?
  7. I voted option 2 because it would make sense overall to me but for some reason I feel like making comments somewhat supporting option 3. Most channelers, male and female, have a particular Talent like Nynaeve/Flinn being a powerful Healers. We also know Elayne has particular abilities in identifying and making ter'angreal (perhaps angreal and sa'angreal as well). I don't want to go into a list of all the characters that have certain Talents but I think most cases demonstrate how a channeler can look supremely powerful even to other channelers. Besides Nynaeve's accomplishments in general we get a first-hand look of an Age of Legends Aes Sedai (one of the most powerful actually) being totally astounded by a modern channeler's ability. This is when Moridin witnesses Aviendha taking apart her Gateway so that its destination cannot be determined (I believe they are going to use the bowl of the winds at the time but I can't remember for sure). He is shocked and even scared to a point witnessing this and it shows how sometimes even seasoned and powerful characters like Ishamael/Moridin can be intimidated by other's Talents. Now we know Rand's Talents (Lews Therin's as well from what we've seen) lay in using the One Power as a weapon. He is also known to be excessively powerful, even for a man, with Fire, Earth and Spirit. This combination would create the potential for him to do things other channelers (possibly even Ishamael) to consider what he is capable of to be impossible or outside the normal range of what channelers can do. I would just add that if he was doing godlike/impossible things against the Shadowspawn he wouldn't have been so tired afterwards and admitted that what he had done might have been a mistake. The identifying Darkfriends stuff and people ripping out their eyes because they can't handle looking at him thing is a bit odd though. Also as noted Ituralde sees a glow around him and whether this is really a glow or the lightning doesn't matter. This is because Nynaeve also sees a glow, not around him but protecting him from the madness and this proves something more is at work here although I doubt we will get any answers until the last book comes out.
  8. I didn't realize until the events actually happened but I got attached to Rand having both hands and Mat having both eyes even though many knew Rand would take some more bodily harm and Mat would lose an eye before it was all over. Ha, some of the other characters should be losing body parts to show their devotion to the causes of the Light rather than the ones that have already gone through the most adversity.
  9. The major thing I find odd about the Forsaken is their lack of using the channelers of the present time to help them in their causes. True, they think little of the Aes Sedai of the Third Age but surely that would suggest it would be easier to use them rather than not using them at all. It doesn't make much sense for them not to have used Compulsion in combination with the the 13 Myrddraal and 13 Channelers from the beginning. Ishamael himself had enough ties with the Black Ajah that he could have had most of the Tower as unwilling servants of the Dark One by the time Rand made it to the Stone of Tear. If he didn't completely succeed it could have at least resulted in a devastating blow to the strength of the Tower. Semirhage torturing and killing Aes Sedai rather than using her skills to eventually force them to the Shadow as she suggests she did in the Age of Legends to even the greatest and purest Aes Sedai of that time really bothers me. Graendal having hundreds of servants because of her command of Compulsion but none of them being able to channel a lick is another confusing situation. I understand it can be more difficult to use Compulsion effectively on a person who can channel or with one that has a strong will but she could have found some that would be more susceptible or just used such strong enough weaves that their individuality was wiped away as she does with most of her servants. I know there are difficulties with the idea of Forsaken using the channelers of the Third Age as allies. I could hypothesize that the Forsaken thought so little of the present channelers they ignored the idea that they would be useful but if they thought the Aes Sedai were nothing it should have been easy for them to have take advantage of them and use them. They are also mostly described as cowards so they probably were afraid that they would be overwhelmed somehow but if they had the courage to try and take over kingdoms it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to try and get a few Aes Sedai under their control. One could argue their lack of trust and tendency to rely only on themselves kept them from using the channelers of the Third Age but trust really wouldn't have been an issue if they were forcibly turned to the Dark One or a strong form of Compulsion or Binding was used. Another thing is with the number of Dreadlords and Chosen during the War of Power (way more than thirteen) it seems they would have been used to having some subordinate channelers helping them out and would have at least wanted to use some of the stronger Aes Sedai to use for their own ends. I guess it just bothers me because I don't consider myself that diabolical but if I were one of them as soon as I was free I would have started collecting Aes Sedai as forced bodyguards and I am a man so I could have 26 linked to me at once if I wanted (13 Aes Sedai can link but with a man another 13 can also join the circle). What force under the Light could have defeated even Asmodean with 26 Aes Sedai forced to protect him one way or another at all times? True if linked he probably wouldn't be as effective at using saidar but with that much strength plus using saidar and saidin together accuracy and precision wouldn't be that necessary especially earlier on before Rand becomes trained in using the One Power. I would have used as many forces as necessary to maintain my trust in their devotion like a binding rod, Compulsion, the forcibly turning them ceremony or anything else that came to mind (perhaps other ter'angreal or Semirhage's method of torture). The female Forsaken not using this method actually bothers me more than the male ones. With twelve other women forcibly under their control a female Forsaken would be close to unstoppable and one of them like Graendal could have pretty much walked into Tar Valon and done it with little trouble (inverting her weaves, hiding her ability to channel using compulsion and so on). Maybe I am being a bit rough on the Forsaken here (I just realized how much I have written) but I can't believe it wouldn't have entered any of their minds to take a few channelers (darkfriends or not, forcibly turned or not) to use as constant bodyguards and helpers by at least the third or fourth book.
  10. Okay first Rand and Riatin. Sleepinghour, no one is afraid of Riatin being a better swordsman than Rand, they were practice swords, to prove Riatin is a better swordsman they would have had to fight with real swords. The main characters aren't best at everything but its kind of hard for Rand to not be highly skilled with a sword with all the experiences he has had (I am not going to go over them or how impressive they have been, everyone knows). He is also one of the best blademasters of the Age of Legends reborn which people tend to forget. Lews Therin has already helped Rand with channeling consciously and unconsciously, his quick wrists, natural talent and quick learning that Lan recognizes are most likely there but also partially the result of Lews Therin's influence. In other words its okay for Rand to be a above average Blademaster prior to losing his hand and perfectly reasonable to assume Rand is a better blademaster than Riatin and was just caught off guard by reality crumbling around him including women being killed. If you want to believe Riatin is better because he landed a cheap shot that is your choice. Just because Rand was forced to back away and defend himself while Riatin was getting all excited wishing it was a real sword doesn't mean a thing. We see the characters on the defensive throughout the series just as they turn the tide and beat their opponent, its called dramatic storytelling. Now for Mat versus Lan, we will start at the beginning and go forward with Mat. He defeated Galad and Gawyn two on one with a quarterstaff in Tar Valon, he didn't only defeat them, he beat them precisely making sure they weren't killed or harmed too the point of death. He did the same with the High Lord Darlin in the Stone of Tear except this was in a confined area against a much better swordsman than Galad and Gawyn (at the time Mat fought them) combined. He then defeated Couladin, the leader of the Shaido Aiel, in single combat although he did have the ashandarei and the memories of how to use it properly at that time. Among the numerous Aiel and Shadowspawn he has fought by this time he also survives several encounters with a gholam afterwards, eventually succeeding in killing it, a feat once assumed to be impossible. All of this experience and accomplishment is tied in with the memories in his head which are remembered as if he was that man. He was the one swinging the sword or in many cases the ashandarei. He was the one giving the commands hence him speaking the Old Tongue involuntarily and if he can do that who's to say that he doesn't involuntarily fight with the skill of the men in his memories combined just as he combines his different dialects of the Old Tongue (rhetorical question). This kind of experience added to the advantages of his ashandarei against a sword (even a Blademaster's sword) along with Mat's commonly recognized luck really does put him in the realm of a fair opponent for Lan in combat. No one can say that Lan wouldn't trip and fall on his own sword killing himself in a fight with Mat but that doesn't have to happen for Mat to win. He definitely has the edge over most other characters in a fight against Lan except for channelers using the Power obviously. Just to stir things up a bit more what about a fight of Lan versus Rhuarc in a fight with just hands and feet, who would win, ha just kidding no one has to even address that.
  11. Sorry Hadilmir but the video game world series rulebook states on page 6 line 34 that if a stampede of elephants charges through the game area, play is officially suspended and an immediate rematch is necessary. In the event that an immediate rematch cannot be possible within 24 hours the first person that reacted to the life threatening stampede is deemed to have more common sense and better reflexes therefore they are the winner by default. I know you must not have access to the rulebook because it does not exist. Yeah there's no way to argue this point, I shouldn't even have said anything but everyone knows there are glitches or cheats in games to beat them. You might be someone who believes the person who takes advantage of those glitches or cheats actually beat the game, I am not. As for the argument of Mat versus Lan, I already said my piece on that in previous posts and there's more to say but I don't have time or the patience right now to say it. Fair warning/challenge: maybe more tomorrow unless someone can sum up what I want to say for me.
  12. Yeah I wouldn't say Rand lost to Riatin, obviously if it was real swords Rand's attention wouldn't have be diverted so easily. Rand was thinking of it in terms of two guys playing video games against each other at home when suddenly a stampede of elephants bursts through one wall, Riatin is the nerd that is still trying to win the video game.
  13. Not exactly true since we know Nynaeve and Egwene overcame ter'angreal used in the Accepted test and were able to channel and have flashes where they knew they were in some sort of test for becoming Aes Sedai when normally that isn't the case. Egwene and Nynaeve both had a clearer picture that what was happening in the ter'angreal wasn't real more than almost any other woman that had taken the test. Neither one of them is in the normal range in that aspect. Nynaeve was being self-centered ignoring the bigger picture and fighting a battle that wasn't even real. Yes, obviously she wasn't sure if it was real or not but she is consciously saying 'I know this probably isn't real and I could die if I accept it as real but on the long chance that it might be I am gonna go all out stubborn here' really not a pillar of integrity there, more like stubborn Two Rivers Nynaeve that she is. Plus the fact that there are still "wounds" there rather than a lesson learned shows Nynaeve's lack of evolution and insight. Not that she hasn't evolved or had insight throughout the entire series, I mean she survived the test and became Aes Sedai but come on, wounds, when she knew that what she did in the Accepted test changed nothing in the real world except herself. As I said in an earlier post Egwene and Nynaeve both could do with an extended stay with the Aiel Wise Ones (Egwene didn't spend nearly enough time with them and they thought she was Aes Sedai most of the time so it doesn't count anyway). I'm not really saying it to be mean either, a little time with them would iron out the wrinkles in anyone's character better than any ter'angreal could. I myself could probably do with an extended stay with the Aiel in the Three-fold land although surviving that ordeal would probably be unlikely.
  14. The Red Ajah has most likely been the single most important institution in Randland from the day Saidin was tainted until the day Rand cleansed it. Obviously, in "cleansing institutions" such as a Red Ajah, a culture that seems unhealthy grows up, but it's actually necessary to harden these women to take all the joy out of the lives of men. So it might be uncomfortable in general, but I would deem it a necessity. Doesn't make any sense, Cadsuane is one of the most successful hunters of men who can channel in the history of the White Tower and she is a Green that has had numerous Warders. One must be strong, not hard to endure, some of the harder beliefs of those in the Red Ajah (hating all men, thinking of men as only dangerous tools rather than people, ect.) are not necessary.
  15. Lol Entreri, seriously I am still laughing. Although Mat wasn't really a farmer, his father was a horse trader among other things but I don't think he had a farm and I can't see Mat doing a hard days work as a farmer even when he did do work on the farms around Emond's Field.
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