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  1. I am very sure that if Mashadar gets you you are LOST to the DO and you either become a part of the Evil that is Mashadar or consumed by it. The Smallest touch is enough to guarantee your demis
  2. Why does everybody refer to the Aes Sedai as being the Women who were in charge before and during the Breaking,,, they were not,,, they were convicted felons sentenced to live in Bondage under the OAT RODS as punishment for their crimes ,,, they evolved into a structure for law and order after the breaking but before the Breaking they were women , and maybe also men, who had been convicted of crimes and there punishment was to do penence under the yoke of the Oath Rods ,,, doing community service for life so to speak ...
  3. Why does everybody refer to the Aes Sedai as being the Women who were in charge before and during the Breaking,,, they were not,,, they were convicted felons sentenced to live in Bondage under the OAT RODS as punishment for their crimes,,, I am going to Start another topic for that.
  4. Ok, guys, I am certain of this >:( anyone can see a Grey Man and everyone does see them,,, they are not cloaked or invisible ,,, BUT, when you see them you do not notice them,,, they are unimportant , not worthy of notice ect. kinda like the janitor at the mall changing waste paper containers or sweeping up or putting soap in a dispenser,,, or like any one single pedestrian on a crowded New York City Street ,,,, they blend in and appear to belong where they are and your mind skips over them , maybe there is some compulsion in the way they are made so that they appear everyday and ordinary and as tho they belong where they are in an everyday and ordinary way ;D
  5. Sorry WAYHEY, I disagree, tho I do not recall how many were said to have attacked, the possibility of 100,000 trollics attacking a single Farmhouse at the same time IS POSSIBLE,,, a lot of overkill calculated in to it but possible... It is not necessary that all 100,000 Trolics reach the target, only that enough reach the target to get the Job Done,,, and if I recall correctly, the trolics attacked from several different directions at once... I kinda look at it as if looking at a stadium for football, baseball, or soccor,,, or maybe the Olympics,,, and imagine the field is the farmhouse and the surrounding seats and the parking lot are filled with Trollics :o yikes, oh my But as to what the actual numbers stated in the book were,,, I have no clue , other that to say many many ;D
  6. After having read most the post from this topic,,, I have lost track of who said what,,, so! Lanfer was not Stilled or Burnt out,,, if she had been then she would have had to have been Healed,,, at this time Healing being Stilled is for GOOD GUY's ONLY,,, the DO can not heal severing or burnt out and niether can any of the BAD GUY's... Lanfer's Loss of Power is due to entering the Twisted Doorway and paying the "PRICE" that the Eilfen and Ailfen demand,,, that price???,,, is a piece of the ability to Channel and a piece of a persons soul, and the soul is where the ability to channel is located...
  7. as to HAWKWINGS, being corupted by Ishmale ;;; corrupted does not mean he was turned to the Darkside Luke,,, it means that in his Tainted Saiden Twisted madness he was deceived and manipulated by Ishmale,,, he was still a devoted servant of the light... ;D
  8. Maybe Oliver is servant of the Darkone biding his time to do the DO's biding,,, or maybe even one of the Chosen or a Dread Lord,,, there are not any Asha'man in Mats Army only Aes Sedai so no one could detect him,,, and a Chosen or a Dred Lord could have been implanted in the body of a young boy the same way that Lanfer was put in the body of a Young Blond Woman... ::)
  9. I do not believe there is any need for the Ways anymore... It is a definite fact that the Ways did not get cured or cleansed by the cleansing of Saiden, and as has been said "taking away the cause of a disease does not cure the disease" as example all of the Male channelers who were blighted by the taint on Saiden before the Cleansing are still blighted (Maddened) to the same degree they were imediately prior to the Cleansing; and Machin Shin is still as strong as ever, unless some other individual has gone into the Ways and killed or wounded it; unlikely; as to Machin Shin's absence from a feast of 100,000 trollics ??? it is possible he was feasting somewhere else on a lesser number of victims,,, if it was actively engaged in in eating something else at the time it would not have stopped in-order to chase down a bigger meal some distance away; a bird in the hand and all that? and as to the numbers of Trollics and Mydral being relevant; please remember Trollics do not have to be bound to a Mydral though they can be, and if they are, when the Mydral dies they die also,,, and Mydral do not have to be the master of 100 trollics , they can bind fewer, or none at all;;; they reason to have Mydral Bind Trollics is because Trollics are Basicly Cowardly animals, self serving and quarelsome, the Binding of Trollics by Mydral allows the Mydral to keep the Trolics under control and on point to complete their appointed mission even in the face of certain death, which certain death certainly existed at the Tea Party, and from which any self respecting Trollic would have quickly fled if he was able to, and as I believe some did, or maybe not, don't remember... But, back on topic, the ways can be ignored and avoided they did not exist Prior to the Tainting of the Male half of the Source and were not needed, they had traveling... I believe you are in sever error to believe the Ways were created "DURING" the Breaking,,, they Ways were created well before the Breaking but after the DO's Strike against the Source and the subsequent Tainting of Saiden; at a time when it appeared that the War against the DO had been won and peice and prosperity were soon to return, with an ongoing seek and destroy being conducted by the good guys against the DO's twisted minions,,, I believe that there was a period of about 100 years after the Taint and before the Breaking,,, it is during that time that the Ways were constructed...
  10. I think it is Lanfers SOUL that is trapped, and I am not sure that Death would free her,,, also,,, isn't it the DO that put her in the trap...
  11. Keeping in Mind that the Oath Rod is now known to shorten the Life Span of the Aes Sedai Sworn thereby; I would say that the Warders die of Old Age long before the Aes Sedai that Bonded them,,, assuming that the Aes Sedai Bonds them while she is still on the young side of 100 years.
  12. I think it would be better if everybody suddenly learned how to channel and then killed all the bad guys,,, and , and , and, then maybe had a nice picknick in a field of pretty flowers , ya know, the nice little blue ones with pretty little yellow stymins in the middle.
  13. One thing to keep in mind is that the Aelfin and the Eilfin (spelling?) both take something in payment for their services; I believe they either take a piece of the persons Soul or of their ability to chanell or maybe both,,, not to many Aes Sedai would be willing to part with either.
  14. What is the situation with future books at this time, with RJ's passing I wonder if there are any plans afoot to finish the series?
  15. Lanfer wants POWER,,, and only wanted LTT because his Power would make her more powerful and her intention was to dominate him... as to Damadred? Damadred is of the same mind as Lanfer, and he wants all the power for himself; Damadred would only hook up with Lanfer if he could be on top, and Lanfer would only hook up with Damadred if she could be on top, neither one would ever trust the other and neither would ever willingly submit to the other: However, at this time the question is moot because Lanfer is now a SLAVE, and apparently it is to be a permanent condition.
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