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  1. Yo peeps. Lets clarify one point someone said that Mat only asked to be free from "Aes Sedai" and so only female chanellers can't affect him. But yo, Aes Sedai also include males. In the wider sense of the word, there were male and female AS in the age of legends and so its not only females. get it? So the medallion also protects mat from male chanelling. Rahvin's lightning was indirect.
  2. cadsuane is awesome yo. Her and Sorilea define power in a woman. And its obvious Rand needs a spanking. Why would you be bothered about cadsuane's respect for Rand when she basically saves his asss and is going to keep him from turning into a psychopath (that learn tears and laughter thingy). Would you care if something called you a retard then pulled you up from hanging on a cliff? bleh??
  3. ummm wait a sec. So the weaves can't touch mat when hes got the medallion. and in the other threads the view is that Rahvin's lightning was indirect thats why it killed mat. But so are you saying that if aes sedai and ashaman start throwing fireballs at mat, they won't touch him? Not even rand going psycho and throwing a massive balefire at him? if thats the case, then doesn't the medallion make mat a gholam thingy?
  4. ya its cool you can pick something thats not on the list but as long as its a job that doesn't involve the power bleh. Well for its it'll be courtbard/gleeman. I'm a past-time musician and it would be awesome to be able to wander from place to place performing then maybe be like thom and get myself a queen
  5. If you were a part of Randland, what would you be? No option of being aes sedai/ashaman or noble cos then everyone would pick those. These are all solid, down to earth jobs which everyday ppl in randland would be doing. People who aren't in the high intrigue of Rand's party, people who form Randland but you never care about really.
  6. Red-black. HELLLLS yeahhhh True power, evil, asskicking + stills all those annoying biatch women who constantly sniff like they all got itchpowder up their nose. Rise in the black tower, take over taim's scrawnyass, go chosen. WOOt
  7. ROFL!!! Bela is the girl next door she likes to shower full of the Power but when ol' pips gets a bit horni and hits on her with some pepperoni she'd just balefire him to powder
  8. oh jeeez now i'm thinking Tuon is a black bald midget asdadfadsf. Well technically she is but its just kind of hard to imagine Mat going for that kinda stuff man...i thought he was straight you know. Poo! I always pictured her as the more Rhianna/Beyonce type now shes bald and a midget! ad;fdfdf i just never picked it up from the books. Yeah i know i'm a retard if i didn't but i just couldn't picture it. Oh the creator shelter you Mat.
  9. i hate to say it but BLEHHHHHH! most of youse don't think it'll happen and the WoT world suddenly seems a much bleaker place. Personally i think somehow Rand will marry all three separately but cos hes technically 'Aiel' hes allowed to do it. Now as for the Min bashing, hells yeah shes a little wench but shes awesome. To me shes the only 'normal' girl in the whole series- she wears jeans rather than freakin divided skirts (now wtf are those!), she reads, shes totally into Rand and they make sweet love often although obviously its not safe sex but shes not pregnant..., shes not arrogant and sn
  10. missing out something real important.....! Rand finally marrying the avi, elayne and min and having a threesome with them thats the only way to end the best fantasy series ever.
  11. Okay heres the smack down. Although we all thought Mat was the pimp, turns out Rand is the real hustla....three girls at once. Now we all know that aiel customs allow this kind of trigamy, but lets not be vulgar but practical...how the hell are they gonna sex? Ok so you can say they could change over each night yeah but up til now its been really uneven. I mean Avi had one totally hot night in an igloo and Elayne gets one in a proper bed but Min!!! shes totally hogging him eh? Now...why aren't the other two getting totally pissed? (and how are we to judge; none of us have 3 chicks at the same
  12. and so the Tinkers are set on an eternal quest to find a song that will change the world and bring back peace. A song that will have the effect of making people feel contentment like under Avendesora so that no one wants to do anything but to laze around enjoying a somewhat orgasmic bliss. AWESOMEEEE. Now the question is....do you think they will find it? and if they do, what kind of song would it be? My personal view is that they will find the song. Although it would be a total anticlimax to TG if it simply ends the war like that, i think at least it will be sung after the war. Well obv
  13. Fave is definately Moridin. Hes freakin awesome; uses the true power, half mad, totally reincarnated, still the nae'blis, linked to rand, plays chess!, controls moggy and cyndane yay, and my fave colors red and black too!. but unlike the other forsaken, hes given a chance for Rand to join him at least when he was ishy he asked politely and he even saved Rand's butt back at shadar logoth. Now hes back to kick some serious arse wooohoo. Plus hes still the most powerful forsaken (OP-wise) and being nae'blis means the other bad hobos all have to obey him. least fave is definately cadsuane...
  14. really dude? bleh musta missed that. Then it is quite surprising that moridin was shocked at seeing avi do it cos i mean if heaps of ppl can do it, would've made sense that age of legends ppl could've too.
  15. totally agree with Wynne, one of the worst death scenes everr...we don't even see him die! and i totally thought he was coming back blehhhhhhh rob, i disagree, i think he would taste better with an ice pepper puree.
  16. wowza yeah it really is confusing between weaves and talents. but can someone help me out for a sec, i'm totally confused about this. You know how avi did this thing to a gateway how she unraveled it? and it blew up? and how moridin was like "holy crap even we didn't know that could be done"? well thats certainly a talent right? and it does seem like no one else can do it right? well i mean it definately isn't some peculiar weave cos its 'un weaving' something not weaving. Do you guys think avi is the only one that can do it?
  17. i think all of those angreal and s'angreal will be totally insignificant when Rand brings out the real deal. Its the enormous mega powerful crystal toilet seat of course. At TG it will be carried out on the shoulders of a thousand men and Rand on top of it. It shall be in the middle of the battle field where at last, for the first but last time in the entire word of the wheel of time, SOMEONE ACTUALLY TAKES A DUMP! and it shall destroy the shadow!!!!!
  18. hahah talk about a painless makeover. *hand on oath rod* "i solemnly swear that when the Dark One comes out of his cubby hole and blackfires my ass to oblivion....im' going to die" Woohooo agelessnesss! i bet some girls here would die for that kinda facial treatment.
  19. yes specifically using 9 horses, you're probably right its French. But the idea orginated in China, would it be possible that the French came up with the same thing just modified? without Chinese influences? probably. But i do believe they took the idea from the Chinese thats why i'm saying it ultimately originated in China.
  20. ROFL!!!!!! Bum flap!??!? that is soooooo messed! So like....when they take a dump, they don't take off their underwear, just lift up the bum flap!!?? hahahhahahasdf;lksdjfsdf. Man....i can imagine Vanin doing that...like a sack of suet on the toilet, bum flap hahahahha!
  21. correction luckers, it orginated in China. They use 5 horses not 9 and it begun in the Han dynasty. 1 horse tied to each limb and the neck, the horses were made to panic as you said and then they would rip the dude apart. I think the chinese have the cruelest execution methods to date; e.g. death by a thousand cuts where literally the person is cut up bit by bit but not allowed to die (they stem the bleeding and cut another bit off) until reduced to a limbless thing where they will finally just die (from pain, last cut etc). Its sickkkk...
  22. ummmmm no offence or anything but that is retarded.
  23. .... Jesussss luckers! you're either some religious studies professor dude or some psychopathic nerdass! Did you actually study this stuff? I haven't read so many different religions/religious ppls etc ever! not even in freakin theory of knowledge class. I think i can learn more about philosophy and religion just reading your posts than going to school!lollll Just one comment. My mom's japanese and shes into Shinto. i live in Hong Kong and people don't have a common religion here; some buddhists, some chinese folk diety worshippers. And its true, people practice multiple thingies here bu
  24. Rand is not nuts at all, hes a stoner.
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