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  1. I only read the first 6 pages of this discussion - So I apologise in advance if someone has already presented this theory about Rand using the TP. My first point is that I dont think the DO gave RAND direct access to the TP, I think it was drawn directly through his link to ishy. Here's where my theory on the magnitude of the TP drawn comes into it. Now bear with me for a second here. First off think of an internet connection split along a network of 10 computers, if all 10 computers were downloading a file at once, they could only do so at 1/10th the speed. Now consider the fact that
  2. Not that it was much, but min saw light shining on dragonmount somewhere the middle of the book and it happened at the end, lol - We werent given much time to speculate upon that one :(
  3. I said mesaana for one simple reason, no one else did! the poor girls putting up with being surrounded with half trained children! ( interestingly enough if she's posing as an Aes Sedai she knows one thing the other forsaken dont- the warder bond) not that it'd be very useful for a forsaken..
  4. sorry michael, i only skimmed your post so if i get parts wrong here its my bad. Pretty much your (in your second theory) suggesting a cleansing of humanity? no more taints, shadows, old age, pain, all from a random ter'angreal ilyena (illian is a CITY) aquired? and then everyone's young and in love and happy? Sorry buddy thats not WOT- thats fairy tales. WOT takes into account the world is far from perfect, and portrays that through the use of "the shadow" and as a point of reference to the bad things / people that exist in our own world. Could you imagine some random dude whisking away a
  5. Well he hates the forsaken and the Dark one almost as much as he hates Rand. Though i think he just hates everyone and everything. But unless he gets real close, real sneaky like, I dont think he can really stand a chance against Rand / Forsaken, they could wrap him in air or blow him to pieces before he came close enough to slash with his dagger.
  6. I'd be inclined to take condoms, LOTS of condoms. Uh, toothpaste and a brush (i dont remember anyone in randland ever using these, maybe im just senile..) Some kind of portable DVD player with a run of the mill DVD in it (i will then sell this amazing peice of equipment to oh, say, the richest person can find in randland, im sure something like that would fetch QUITE the amount of gold, also come to think about it upon explaining the way condoms work could probably make a killing amongst younger nobles who dont want illegitimate airs)
  7. What a touching story. It's really nice to hear something like that without being directly guilted into giving money. Really nice. Tai'shar (sp?) young wolfbrother perrin.
  8. Ah cross narrative character interaction. I've got two words for ya; Marvel Comics. (assuming comics still count as narrative, they tell a story) I think they consistantly win the award for throwing in characters from one story into another (i.e. spiderman meets x-men etc). Sometimes it worked really well. Other times... at least they tried. Its usually a grey area when your mixing characters in my opinion, moreso if the story worlds arent quite similar. I.E. one good ashaman (im going with logain cause he's the bomb) at that big battle against the orcs in LOTR could have decimated everyone a
  9. I'd kneel to morgase too, she's written as quite the hottie!
  10. I wouldnt say moirane's re-appearance (though UBER awesome) will heal rand instantly. He need's to re-learn WHY he'll be crying when she strolls in on thoms arm weaving god knows what everywhere wearing that blue shawl like a banner of war. Whoa got carried away. Learning he can take one name off the list will possibly teach him the lesson of mourn your dead and live on. He's definately mourned everyone on that list enough. Maybe he'll be able to systematically cull the list and start on the road to emotional stability. then Caddy shack will appear out of no where, say two, maybe six words of
  11. Thats ok, Austin Powers is old skool so obscure refrences will be tolerated somewhat, lol. Maybe it was just a random gush of literal white hot fire that rand subconsciously (or maybe Lews Therrin, think about it...) Formed into a bar using none other than air, for accuracy and fully sick factors naturally. Our good old versatile air that even though is tagged the least useful power by some so called Aes Sedai is used in HEAPS of weaves, namely most of the cool one's -incidentially.
  12. hahaha, this is true, funny if they're the smartest one's in the village they just put up a stupid / inbred front for gossiping / personal amusement. So they can hear the wispers and rumours about their families and have a jolly good chuckle.
  13. The ONLY way i can see those braclets going on is if the forkroot'd Rand to high heaven. Even then he'd probably tell the empress -(be it Tuon or some random family member of hers whose quick with an anit Tuon missle)- to get forked. (tastless pun, i REALLY couldnt help it im sooooo bored.) Does Forkroot work on male channelers? i cant remember.
  14. Maybe Moridin set up the meeting place before hand and fixed it so it couldnt be changed somehow? he is after all quite the schemer, as we've seen time and time again. Then all the remaining forsaken would be freaking out about the extra chairs. Chaos born from simplicity. Thats Ishy's philosipy side alright! I believe Taim's of the dark persuasion, but by the same token he's no Chosen. He's definately head dreadlord material (like a second rate chosen, lol.)
  15. Hmmm, long distance fighting, an interesting concept. But it couldnt mean weaves of the power, they can only work at a certain distance... Maybe like Rands struggle with againor over the pure Saidin at the eye of the world? or his battle against Asmodean in rhuiden when they both claw at the access ter'angreal, except maybe instead of amounts of saidin they battle for, its life itself? crazy theory feel free to pick it apart and spit on its ashes...
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