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Approved Freelander Bio for Drayik - WK CCd


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Handle: Zander

Character Name: Drayik Zanos

Division: Freelanders

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Drayik is 6’3” 220 lbs.  He has shoulder length brown hair which covers the sides his face and is in a pony tail in the back.  Drayik is well tanned muscular and clean shaven.  He wears a perpetual grin and has bright blue eyes which speak of charm confidence and caring.  


Place of Birth/Raising:  Drayik was born in Murandy.  His father was Captian of the previous King of Murandy’s  personal defensive force.  His father whose name is Sventon Zanos was a soldier his whole life, from the age of 17 till the day he died at the age of 52.  Sventon was born in Murandy though both of Dreyik’s grandparents were from Andor.  Dreyik’s mother Alliys was 18 when she married Sventon and died when she was 50.  She was a beautiful woman who Sventon met on leave visting Four King’s where she was a server at the Dancing Cartman.  Sventon trained Drayik in his weapon of choice which was the quarter staff which Dreyik later switched to a bladed quarter staff which is his weapon of choice. And like his father Dreyik followed his father’s footsteps into the King’s defensive force after his 5 years served as a soldier in Murandy’s army.



WS: 8 - (FL DL)


Character History: Dreyik idolized his parents, his mother Alliys was a beautiful smart and kind woman whose whit and charm made her sought after many a fool who didn’t know who her husband was.  And Sventon who was funny and gentle off of the battlefield was a fighter with very few equals on it.  He was awarded 3 times over for averting 3 attempts of the king’s life being named the Captain of the Kings Defensive Force.  A proud father who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps watched as Dreyik worked his way from the bottom of the ranks with no help or favoritism.  Dreyik worked relentlessly on his techniques with the bladed quarterstaff and was quickly recognized for his courage and leadership qualities.  Within 3 years he earned the Rank of Captain and won the respect and admiration of his fellow soldiers for earning his rank rather than buying it.  Dreyik fought in numerous battles along the borders with raiders, bandits and their like.  He also fought in an attempt to overthrow the then King in a siege that last 4 months.  Dreyik’s good nature and charm won him many a friend over the years and his willingness to help train the soldiers in not just weapons in which at that he was very good but in survival formations and battle tactics.  After Drayik’s 5th year he was awarded an esteemed position among the King’s Defensive force.  Dreyik was ecstatic, his life long goal of serving with his father was here, his endless hours of training with his Bladed Quarter Staff as a boy and as a soldier had finally paid off.  Drayik was ready to find a good woman though a good many were trying to find his attentions and serve as his King’s shield, until……


Paran Rodeses who loathed the very sight of Sventon stood watching out the window at the nights darkened sky as he waited for his plans to come to fruition.  Finally he would be rid of Sventon and his boy Dreyik, soon he would take his noble born right, his place as Captain of the King’s Defensive Force.   The trap was set.  The thieves’ guild had been  paid handsomely and would be awarded the riches of the castle as the “attempt” on the King’s life would be made.  Where countless hours of framing Sventon and his son leave beyond a shadow of a doubt the fate suited for the worthless commoners….Traiotr’s.  Everything was planned and ready.    


The alarms were not sounded as the 40 or so bandits made their way to the kings chambers.  They knew that they were protected by Paran’s very influential house and the goal was not to kill the king it was just to setup this Sventon fellow and have Paran look like the savior.  Of course it helped that both Sventon and Dreyik were awarded leave by the king himself to his hunting estates.  The plot played out perfectly Paran and the rest of King’s Defensive Force fought off and dispatched the bandits who had made their way right into the Kings bedchambers.  The thieves had left the signed parchment agreement which had Sventon’s forged signature on it stating the ways in and the price for killing the King.  Once Paran handed this to the King they were dispatched immediately the Sventon’s and Dreyik’s home in the city were they first killed Alliys in her sleep and then proceeded to the estates where they were “enjoying” their well earned reprieve.  When they got there Paran made a grand show of it, calling both Sventon and Dreyik out.  Sventon immediately sensed the wrongness though years of honed battle senses and ran to Dreyik’s room Dreyik was already awake and was getting his battle gear on and Bladed Quarter staff ready.  “What a farce father no one will believe that idiot Paran.”  “They do my son because they would not have followed him here otherwise.  You must sneak out and take your mother to safety, I will surrender to them.” Dreyik replied “NO Father I will not leave you…”  Lord Paran voice rang out “Surrender now and your death will be quick, if not…..”   And it was then while Sventon finally convinced Dreyik to see to his Mother and flee he made his final stand like the true soldier he was quarterstaff at the ready the forms danced through like the wind when he was finally taken down.  When Dreyik arrived to find the murdered body of his mother he wept an uncontrollable sob.  He buried his mother and fled the land he called home planning his vengeance.  He made his way though the lands as a merchants guard and soldiering.  His Bladed Staff was a part of him, the two has one.  Waiting looking for allies….looking for something to fill the void in his life.

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