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The WOT World compared to the world of the First Age (our world)

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World of wheel of time is comparable to North America. But east and west exchnages.

Two Rivers is West Wirginia - the least infrascructured state in USA.

Aiel Waste is dessert in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada etc. 

Shara is Califormia

Mountains of Mists are Applalachina Mauntains

Manetherandrelle is Mississippi

Cuba is Tremalking

Seanchan is Europe and Africa


Comparison is not good in north, where should be mountains, not Great lakes, lowlands and sea.


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Posted (edited)

So, just for the sake of completion, I made a Eurasia model.


Might be hard to tell from this image (I had to shrink the resolution to meet the upload requirements; the original is much clearer), but I can confirm some of the things originally brought up in this thread.

• The Jangai Pass is right near the Aral Sea, which supports what Asmodean said about the area, and lends some creedence to the "underground lake" near Rhuidean.

• The Northernmost peaks of the Spine touch the Ural Mountains.

• The Mountain of Mist line up "somewhat" with the Carpathians... if they were shifted about 60° West and raised straight down through the Mediterraneanean Sea and into Libya.

• The mountain lake between Baerlon and the Darkwood would be near the Adriatic Sea. This also places the Sand Hills close to the coast of either Italy or Yugoslavia.

• Windbiter's Finger is smack-dab on the Ahaggar Mountains.

• Illian would be somewhere in Sudan, interestingly, right along the Nile River.

• The island of Far Madding is pretty close to Crete.


Fun stuff! But still just coincidences. 😉




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@Dalton Campbell The scale of that picture is way off. The entirety of the United States would fit between the Aryth Ocean and the Spine, with room to spare; it's not possible to fit Randland within the coasts of the US, nevermind the Waste AND part of Shara.


Each WoT mile equals 1.1 real-world miles. The accepted width of Randland being 3500 WoT miles would be equivalent to 3180 RW miles. The average Width of the US is about 2700 miles.

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