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Greetings from the waste!

Phaedra Sedai

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Hello everyone!

Im a long time lurker who finally decided to register and be done with it!  My name is Aden aka Phaedra and I live in the AZ desert.  First got into WoT back in 2004 when a friend said I simply must read them.  Been hooked ever since and am trying to get my girl friends into the series. I hate being the only girl I know who enjoys them. I am currently working on making my own WOT companion with all the prophecies/viewings/dreams all in one place so I can keep them straight.  Yes...I most likely would have been a brown. I prefer the green however. I dont see why a green cant have some brown characteristics...anyway I digress.

Really hate doing these intro posts so I'll leave it here and move on to something more interesting like discussing the ever popular "Who killed Asmo?" and TGS.


;)  :D



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I hope my name doesnt offend as I just discovered the exisitance of the white tower org! Very sorry about that! I wouldnt have put the sedai if i known about it.  :-[ 


Absolutely nothing wrong with your name, you are far from the first or last to have Sedai in their name, and nobody has taken offense to it before (that I'm aware of). Just keep in mind that if you join the WT Org, you won't be considered Aes Sedai within their org. You can certainly make sure that you are considered Aes Sedai everywhere else though, if you like.

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Welcome to DM!


I think most people have covered the whole "Sedai" honourific...but you can be called an Aes Sedai once you fufil the requirements within the White Tower ORG via novice and accepted.


Enjoy looking around the site, and don't hesitate to ask us any further questions should get lost and confused. :)

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