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I see you, Dragonmount.com.


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Long time fan of WoT, reader of RJ's Blog here on DM, and the DM forums in general, not to mention fan and avid listener of the 4th Age Podcast. 


I'm finally decloaking and giving up my lurker badge after many many years.


Sooo...don't be surprised if I step into a topic with 5-6 posts to my name and understand the inside jokes that seem to flap around in here.  Yes Luckers, I know you too.  At least now you'll get the chance to laugh at my sillies from time to time too.  ;D


Why did I decloak?  Too much TGS excitement I guess.  I want to share my theories as much as I like to read yours.  Also, I'm interested in perhaps aiding the 4th Age guys with editing, being the audiophile that I am.  I seem to recall them talking about how it takes forever to edit and prepare shows, as compared to actually setting up and recording them.  I use Cooledit for audio processing, so I suppose it depends on the quality of the recordings as to how difficult it would be to tweak them out properly.


Anyway, aside from my WoT fanboi-ness, I'm a 29 y/o fellow, I write game and web software for a living.  Current hobbish projects include the Google o3D project, and some Google Wave API widgets. Current personal projects are just the two; interview/questionaire website system and a MMORPG called Star Space that is being built to take advantage of Google's o3D. 


I live in Mexico, but I am not Mexican.  I'm English.  I tend to take great offense at the outrageous restrictions on acquiring goods and services from the USA.  A good example is TGS itself.  The book would cost me about $40, + $80 shipping.  Sooo...I think I'll take a bus up to Laredo and buy it for $30 or whatever when I go to buy other things at the same time.  For the record, a bus ticket, round trip, costs about $80.  :P


I'm a dedicated WoT fan...I'd love to develop a WoT game sometime, web, 3D, or MMORPG.  I've played the old one that came out in 1998 or so, I think it was.  Fun, but very outside of the real story.  A few years back I developed a game design for a WoT RPG/MMORPG that could work without what we in the business call the "Jedi" problem.  Everyone wants to be an Aes Sedai/Ashaman (Jedi), but obviously not everyone can.  It's a hard thing to deal with in an MMORPG, but I think my solution would have worked.  I hope Red Eagle doesn't disappoint.


Anyway, this is already a huge post, and I doubt anyone is going to read far enough to read this line.  But if you have, I think I'm going to like you.  Feel free to PM me any time, I'm always about if help is needed.



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i played Eve for a little bit for fun. forgot name of race it was the ones that used lasers. had an Apoch. never got into pvp before i stopped. was ok but i was really waiting on the new star wars game. played a few MMOs over the years EQ, SWG, WOW, EVE, than back to SWG for a few months ( a couple other that really stunk so not gonna list em lol ). than went cold turkey waiting for new star wars. though i have been thinking of tryinh the new Heroes game looks pretty cool.

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6 years in EVE for me.  :)  I'll be giving the new KotOR MMO a go for sure, like pretty much everyone will be.  :D


Lasers in EVE, Apocolypse Battleship, Amarrian.  I'm a Gallente, though I like to fly both Gallente and Caldari ships, I fly only Gallente Capital ships.  The skills for cap ship skills are crazy expensive.

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Welcome to the Mount!


Normaly I would ask if you have an questions, or if you have taken a look around the forums, but I have a nagging feeling you have already done that...


Anyway, your name rings a bell....but I dont know from where...


>.> And there is a Browser MMORPG for the Wheel of Time, "A game of Stones" the new ver launches tomorrow, so if that insterests you I would recoment checking it out.

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From one Brit to another (if I read your first post correctly! lol!), welcome to DM!


Enjoy looking around the site, and have fun looking at the GoS! Don't hesitate to ask us any questions about DM - we'll do our best to help you out! :)

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