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novel suggestions.


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i would be grateful if anyone had any book suggestions, in the fantasy/adventure genre

so hard to find new material!




Dies the Fire, by SM Sterling. Is alt-universe sci fi, but turns into fantasy. Or it's just fantasy. Or just Sci fi. I haven't figured it out yet. Great series though. I think WOT of time fans would like it. Lot's of good and sword and longbow (two-rivers bow) action.

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Most of the novels now-a days, sells some kind of propaganda.Everytime I read a book, its the same, the pattern is there, they are trying to shove something particularly nasty through your throat. Even if its obvious most don't see it.


You will enjoy fact:


If you want fact, read this books:



oh, by the way, I don't live in USA.So there is nothing to be gained by me. I just hate sexual infedility, and promiscuity with a passion. Curdles me inside. God knows why. I believe, western culture is the only culture that can prevent such mindless sex all around. Really quite pathetic.


It is Grace and intelligent that separate us from animal, it is grace and creativity that makes life interesting.

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Most of the novels now-a days, sells some kind of propaganda.


No they don't. And if your going to make such a claim, give us an example.


The novel I suggested, "Dies the Fire", is SF/Fan. As such, it explores culture, religion, technology, anthorpology, science and life. No propaganda.


I don't see Harry Potter novels selling propaganda, unless it's against mindless discrimination as in the controversy of "pure bloods" and "mud bloods".


"Wheel of Time" has no cause to sell. It does explore culture, religion, technology, and all the rest. Just like "Dies the Fire".



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Dragonlance series is cool for an easy read ( the Dragon series and Twins series )

also the seperate novels Soulforge and Brothers in Arms are great.

Elric series by Michael Moorcock , and his Eternal Champion series are cool

and the Swords Trilogy and Cronicles of Corum are sweet also

R.A.Salvatores Spider Queen series was ok as is his Drizzit series.

Thomas Covenant series by Stephen R. Donaldson is great


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