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  1. if its at midnight then i will stay up. i dont have anything to do tommarow...other than class and work....
  2. I honestly dont think the body swap thing will happen.(and pray that it doesnt) but if it does i will just pretend it didnt happen...kinda like what i did with all of the SoT books after book 1.
  3. Great thread, also very strange that you would joint he forum before you read XD. but its nice to have new people around. keep up the posts! (bump to top)
  4. i think it would be more amusing to see moridin being kind, and having a sense of humor.
  5. Its more for the fun of the discussion. Say the Taveren effect is spiraling out from you, when the two of them at the exact same power hit and reverse the effect? could that in turn make a Anti-Taveren!? or if it is emitting, would it work backwards and the person is completely influenced by everything that contacts him as if they were taveren instead? too much free time at work i guess
  6. may i suggest Mistress Al'vere? Her cooking is just so darn good.
  7. Rand went into another world/reality thing where he was going down a different path. If he tried to stop alternate rand, would the taveren effect explode the pattern?
  8. why would anyone hate min? "Come get dry rand" If Faile, Elayne, The Dark One, and Egwene all got into a fight and only one survived, who would you want it to be? prly the DO, rand can kill him, but i think he may be too attached to the others.
  9. He isnt a coward, he just has different views of the world. If a person was converted back to the light, would he be a coward because he didnt see the point in fighting for the DO anymore? nope. Also, if you want one thing to happen, and your fighting on the side to prevent that one thing from happening...well you can kinda see the stupidity of thatn
  10. Wouldn't the end of the book be the beginning of TG? i think it would be more along the lines of: All of the forsaken have grouped together bound by the Dark One so they would work together. Send to destroy a major city. or maybe with a giant mutant Demandredzilla marching out of the ocean towards the Stone of Tear....maybe...
  11. I am not really convinced that moraine was burned out. I could be that she is able of holding them off but its trapped in their world because she cannot find a way to leave. Also, because she is in a different world(?) would lan still be able to feel their link? also, i agree with luckers on the cyndane thing...
  12. I hope you are joking. Depending on interpretations, that description might be considered cooler. i laughed
  13. http://www.dragonmount.com/RobertJordan/?m=200709 this, it mentions several times his pipe collecting and smoking hobby
  14. Several sources i have read state that he was a pipe collector. A interview that i read was about when he started collecting pipes he said that he smoked cigarettes but quit 35 years ago(from the date of the question) and started collecting pipes.
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