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Project Runway Season 6 - Lifetime - Thur 10pm est


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Ok, it's on Lifetime, which means more lady-type advertising for romantic comedies that look lame and oscar/emmy nominated (but never winning) actresses in lady-type made for TV dramas.  But whatever. It's Project Runway. And if y'all can talk about ABDC with a straight face then some of you ought to be watching this as well.


Here are the looks from last night. The challenge was to make a red carpet dress for any red carpet.  I like the idea of having a pretty open challenge and giving them lots of time and money, because it gives us an idea of what the designers' aesthetic really is, but I would have liked a little more structure. Give them three different events to choose from or something to narrow it down.


Anyway, I disagree with the judging.  The winning dress that people are raving over (top row, 4th from Left), well, it should have won for a grocery store challenge maybe (it looks like trash bags and shower curtains to me!), but I didn't like it as much as the others, there was something about the trashbagginess that just didn't do it for me. The judges also liked the red dress (top row farthest right), and I liked it too, it was unique, but they said to make it in black or navy, but then the details of the dress would have been hard to see in photos and on TV, so I disagree there too. The other top 3 dress (bottom row, second from right) had weird boobs and puckering. 


For the bottom three, I actually really liked Qrystal's (bottom row, third from right), yeah, it was a little wacky, but I think the idea of it was really good, it was creative, the colours and draping worked really well.  Maybe it just looked way different in person.  In PR past the nude tent dress would have gone home for being boring and poorly executed, and wtf with a smocked dress in the first place? it looked so weirdly dated, not "victorian" just "70s."  I would have also put the dress in the top row, third from left in the bottom 3, it was an interesting idea, but fugly. There were several other clunkers as well.  I am not really upset about the outfit that went home, but I was surprised, usually they keep crazies on longer than "poorly executed" which makes me worry that there might be blandness to come.

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Yaaay!  Thanks Yveva for starting this thread!


So I totally adored the winner's dress!!!  And I loved Irina's dress too.  There were several other nice dresses in the pack, so hopefully we'll have strong showings throughout the season.


HATED Ari!!!  So glad she's gone!  But I knew I was gonna hate her when I saw her preview clips.


Oh, also hated the red drapey dress.  I'm seriously shocked they praised it. 


I didn't like Qrystal's dress at all, but I think she's got a lot more in her.  And she has such a fun personality. 


Don't worry, nude drap-ey dress guy will probably go home next week.  He already said the arrogant kiss of death.  he said that he works best under pressure.  Well, that was horrible.  And so were the other two looks he cycled through that day before settling on this one.  I will say this though, he sure did work fast when he was desperately scrambling for something at the last minute, so it is slightly possible that he'll pull out of the bottom if he pays attention and can wow us.

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Heh...Checked out the Youtube alternative.


Season 6, ep 1, part 2: Not available in your countrye because of copyright BS...


Well, go Eff yourself, lifetime. Go Effing die in a carcrash, you retarded A'holes.


Ah well, highspeed broadband means downloading the show takes less than 2 minutes/episode.

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1-I totally missed this dress


Christopher - CUTE


mitchell-Slouchy, not fashion forward.  2nd week in a row that he has failed the execution.  Home now, please!


Qrystal-I liked it


Can't remember the designer-  LOVED!


Louise-Loved! Yay, Louise!  Hometown girl, they liked you!


Gordana-missed the dress


Can't remember the designer-  ok


Malvin-not so much.  And rebecca's is a little appalled, I can see it on her face.


ra'mon-No.  Just no. 


Shirrin-I liked this a lot.  I didn't actually see it on the runway, so I'm guessing of it's spot in the linup, but just looking at it during the explination, I love it.  And she's also a hometown girl, so I'm pretty proud of her. 


Can't remember the designer-eh, I didn't really like it


Althea-aside from the boobage fit issue, I liked it.


Irina-LOVED IT! 


I'm actually a little miffed over who stayed and who went.  They should have given Melvin another chance to dial his concepts back.  Mitchell already screwed up last week, he should be the one going home.



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Mitchell did have some good ideas. He just could not sew, and the way I assume they do the 'auditions', it should be pretty much all about the idea.

Take ep 2 as a perfect example, the idea was great, but the sewing...I could have made the shorts better than that!


But yeah, thank goodness he is out.

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Ack!  I'm so glad they didn't send Logan home on this one.  Poor thing had no clue about vintage fashion, but he's been pretty strong up until this week.


Was anyone else shocked by the fact that Louise and Fatma apparently like and work well with one another?  Maybe Fatma is subject to editing, but I can't stand her.  Well, that was until she gushed and raved Louise's design to boredom at the party.  So I'm coming around to Fatma, which is something I thought would Never happen! 


Anyways, when Louise was pulled first for her model pick, I sat there and thought really hard (so maybe the vibes would seep through the TV to the pre-recorded show) "Pick Kojii!  Pick Koji!"  I mean, what a duo would those two be!  Louise would have knocked her vintage request out of the park!  So I was just so surprised when Louise stuck with Fatma.  I'm really glad that Logan stuck with Kojii though to give it another try.


Poor Valerie.  Kicked off twice for no fault of her own.  But at least she booked a runway show with Ed Hardy.  His menswear may be douchey, but it's a Big name and therefore a Big opportunity for her!  Likely an opportunity she may not have had if it weren't for PR.

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So Johnny uttered the Reality TV kiss of death phrase at the beginning of the episode.  What is that phrase?  Well, I can't reproduce it verbatum, but they're all the same.  Cocky utterances of "I'm awesome and secure."  And of course his dress BLEW!!! 


Logan's dress was precious

Nicholas' was meh

Christopher's dress was great.  No surprise there, though. 

Braids' was ok

dreads' dress was really cook looking

Johnny's dress was terrible

Gordana's dress was nice, but didn't come off very well on the runway

CarolAnn's dress was Beautiful!

shirin's dress was ok.  But it is exactly like a dress on the Bravo knock off of this show.  Not sure who was first.

Irina's would have been much better if it was in come sort of color.

Althea's dress was ill fitted-I can't believe they're going crazy over it.

Louise's dress was ok.  Again, it didn't really come through on the runway.


Johnny deserves to be out.  He's been riding a wave of suck since the beginning.  He has a Lot more work to do on himself and his addiction recovery before he is ready for this kind of thing, if he ever will be ready.


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I think this is just episode 3.


You should be able to catch up on Sidereel.  Although you haven't missed anything super spectacular yet.  As Tom and Lorenzo have blogged, it's been mostly pretty little dresses.  But this week was a newspaper challenge and it really showed the "colors" of some of the designers.  So definitely catch this week's installment.

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