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  1. The whole Verin situation made me cry a bit.
  2. I see it as a classic struggle of good and evil that extensively covers a whole lot of coming of age stories along the way. 90% or more of the main characters have been seen to grow and develop into their niches in this world while siding with good or evil. In short...it's about humanism.
  3. 34 year old (35 in a month), Male, Gay (thought I would throw that in there given the other long winded discussion that is going on in the forum right now)...Favorite character...Nyneave of course!!! Duh!!! Close second Egwene. I've loved watching their characters change and grow over the course of the series.
  4. OK...any major updates on Siuan...I saw that she kept an Angreal that allowed her to be pretty powerful, but let's face it, at the end of Gather Storm, she had just bonded Bryne, and then Egwene was really angry at her. Does Egwene calm down a bit toward her in ToM? Do Bryne and her get to spend some time together 'on screen'? Siuan is probably up there in my list of top 5 (maybe 10) favorite characters in the books. I'm really curious what kind of 'screen' time she gets, if any. Thanks in advance.
  5. nearly universal theory is that it's Artur Hawkwing's sword Justice. IIRC, he saw Hawkwing using it WAAAAAY back in TGH. Thanks much...just found out...I appreciated the answer though.
  6. Can anyone tell us whether there is any further information on the sword that Rand got in A Gathering Storm. I seem to re-call him recognizing it, and there seemed to be a mystery left up in the air about it. Can't remember the exact context, but he specifically said that it was his own memory, and not LTT's, that he remembered it from, and it REALLY thew me for a loop. I was hoping maybe that would be explained in ToM?!?!?! Never mind...checked Encyclopaedia-wot and found out that it was Justice which was Artur Hawkwings sword, which Rand saw when the Horn of Valere was blown by Mat.
  7. Above all...MOIRAINE!!! Second to that...Rand feeling the wrath of the true Amyrlin Egwene and finally...Egwene feeling the wrath of the true Dragon Rand in response to my second statement above. I LOVE Egwene now...and after Gathering Storm, way more than ever before, but I want to see her put in her place in reference to the prophecies of the Dragon, and consequently, the entire tower put in their place behind her.
  8. My favorite memory is finding the Dragonmount website. There are two many other memories to list really, but when I first found this website and realized that there was a whole community of people who loved this series as much as I do, I felt that I had found a place to 'belong'.
  9. I COMPLETELY agree. I was already an Eggie fan before this book...I have been for quite some time, but this just locked it in place for me. She may have a couple of shortcomings, but she is without a doubt one of my top favorites in the entire cities and she totally stole the show throughout the entire book.
  10. Welcome Imperium. I'm fairly new myself...at least to posting, not to lurking. But so far having a grand ol time. Other should be along shortly to help welcome you as well.
  11. I agree with Mighty Chin on this one. I think once on the other side Lanfear showed her normal true colors and they didn't like it. Another possibility would be if somehow Moiraine managed to kill her on the way through the door, however; I don't think that's likely. I have a feeling that as soon as they got through the door and natives immediately grabbed them up and began the questioning process. Creepiness and all!
  12. Good point Celdiruen...I hadn't even thought about the idea of them meeting, I would also like to see what happens when Egwene has to take control of the WT because Elaida isn't up to the task.
  13. Not so much the rescue of Moiraine, but more the re-union between her and Rand. I think that this re-union will be MAJOR!!!
  14. I would personally LOVE to see a movie / mini-series made out of the series. But there would be a LOT or ground to cover, and unfortunately a LOT would probably get cut.
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