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  1. I must have been reading the wrong page, oops! My interests depend on whatever is sparking my passion at the time. It's part of thereason I can be really involved one moment and disappear the next. Some things like feminism and diversity in the genre are continuing, others are more fleeting like being really active on a fan forum. My most recent interest is actually American Football.
  2. Yeah, the motto is smart, friendly , fast...the name being part of the friendly aspect.
  3. Hello! I listen to a few Aussie genre podcasts, Galactic Suburbia being my favorite . I love the accent and I'd love to visit someday ! Course I'd love to visit almost anywhere. :D
  4. My real name is Caitrin and people get it wrong so often I don't mind. The one thing that bothers me is when they call me Katrina. My last name is always mispronounced as well. I will say that my new job is working phone tech support for AT&T and we're required to call customers by their first name immediately and if they ask otherwise , we then address them as they prefer. So it may not always be the choice of the person helping you. I us would prefer to use Sir and Maam or Mr and Mrs unless instructed otherwise .
  5. I can't figure out how to edit in mobile view all here's the modified green one.
  6. Book inspired and posted by an Aes Sedai at another site. Since I'm Green there, I asked her to redo the Green one to something I liked better, that's at the end.
  7. Ooh love these! Reminds me of others I should share when I find them!
  8. I missed Mafia!

  9. Oooh ooh, I'm on the right track! Egypt? :D *drinks up her Oosquai*
  10. Thank you! It is much easier to spell Ithi. :D *sits down on the rock and analyzes the picture.* Hmm... I'd say that looks like somewhere in the Middle East. Let's go with...Pakistan?
  11. Well I think I'm gai'shan but things are a bit fuzzy on that because I was purged...so I can I sit Ithillian?
  12. Hey Mae, welcome to the forum! A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you die. It comes from the term you "kicked the bucket."
  13. Hey Lama! Welcome to Dragonmount :D I'm glad you've started reading the series again! I don't know about others but The Gathering Storm is definitely my favorite book of the series. I actually prefer Brandon Sanderson (*gasp* blasphemy I know! :P) so maybe that's why. Please join in talking about the books in the discussion forums and I highly recommended joining some of the Social Organizations to get to know some other fans and talking about the series and other interests you have. There is also roleplaying if your'e into that! I hope you have a great time here and that I get to see you around :D Feel free to pm me if you want to chat or have any questions!
  14. Welcome to Dragonmount LaMar, you came to the right place to enjoy Wheel of Time fandom :D I love it here and I'm sure you will once you participate in the book forums and join a couple social organizations and if you're interested, maybe even role play! If you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to pm me. Hope I see you around!
  15. Hey Arphaxad, welcome to Dragonmount! You're going to love the rest of the series, a book or two can seem slow but if you push through that you have amazing things to read at the end! My favorite of them all so far is The Gathering Storm. If you have any questions, need some help or just want to chat feel free to pm me, I can help. Be careful in the book discussion forums though so you don't spoil yourself on the amazing things you've yet to get to in the series. Feel free to join one or two of the Social Organizations to get to know other Wheel of Time fans and make some friends, I know you'll have a great time! I'd also suggest trying out Mafia, it's a super fun game that has it's own forum dedicated to it! Have fun and I hope I see you around!
  16. Hey negusnagast, any special meaning for the handle? Welcome to Dragonmount! I hope you enjoy your time here If you want to post a smiley you can use the little graphic with the smiley in the edit bar above your post or you can type biggrin with : around it like this: A great place to talk about the series is in the book forums but you can also find great discussions about the Wheel of Time as well as other interests in the Social Organizations. It's a great way to get to know other Wheel of Time fans and have fun. Hope I see you around!
  17. Liathiana


    I know what you mean! And the women come off sometimes pretty badly too >.< But at least it's fair play right? And there are stupid men and conniving women in the world. My favorite characters are Egwene and Verin. You'll see why once you get to Gathering Storm. I used to like Perrin until he got all whiny, obsessed and whipped. >.> Until then, enjoy the ride! :D
  18. Welcome to Dragonmount Mike! I hope you enjoy your time here and I'm sure you'll love the book forums! Try to be a little careful of what you post outside of those forums though, because some haven't read the entire series and you could be unwittingly spoiling the books for them. If you want to have some fun socially be sure to check out the Social Organizations, you can be a Warder or an Aes Sedai or many other things and get to know other Wheel of Time fans. Have fun! Hope I see you around! :)
  19. Hi Midnight Prancer! Welcome to Dragonmount! I have to say that I'm a bit of a Sanderson fangirl and I like the books he wrote even more than Jordan's >.> But I did have an amazing opportunity to tour RJ's house and I have to say it was emotional even for me. I need to bug my brother to upload the pics we took so I can share them! I actually sat in the chair he sat in to write the books! (I am a bit addicted to exclamation points, I admit, but I'm working on it...promise!) Have you read any other Sanderson novels? I have stayed up late to read novels too, sometimes crouched in the bathroom so I wont bother anyone else because I have to finish the book that night. In fact I'm up really late for me because I was having fun posting on these forums! I really hope you stay and enjoy the site. I know it can be a bit overwhelming with all the choices but if you start small I know you'll find not only great people but a really fun place to be. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to pm me! I have a 2.5 year old niece I live with so I totally understand the 2-year old kid thing. (I also live with my two nephews, 16 months and 1 month). It can be difficult to get on I know but we'd love to see you whenever you get the chance!
  20. Welcome to Dragonmount...can I call you Cair? Your full handle is quite a bit of typing >.> Thank you for serving our country! My brother is in the Air Force, my Dad was in the navy and my Grandpa was a Marine. We like to joke that we need a Soldier in there somewhere too. My Grandpa can still kick anyone's a** with his pinky, he's just that awesome. Hope you enjoy the site and have a lot of fun! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to pm me :D
  21. Welcome Rockshaper! You came to one of the best Wheel of Time fansites on the 'net to discuss the series, good choice! I know I don't remember more than probably 1/4th, if that, of the characters in the Wheel of Time so I definitely understand where you are coming from. I enjoyed New Spring since it gave some of the background that I found really enjoyable and really expanded my understanding of what goes on at the White Tower and how the search for the Dragon Reborn all began. It's nothing you need to enjoy the rest of the series but since I voraciously wanted to read anything Wheel of Time related (I even have the Big White Book) I read it and it didn't disappoint me! Enjoy yourself here and if you have any questions or just want to get to know someone, feel free to send me a pm.
  22. Welcome to Dragonmount! I'm rather addicted to Mafia games myself so I don't blame you, I'm rather biased but I love the way the games are run here and I think they are so much fun. Maybe I'll meet you on the field of battle! :D If you have any questions or maybe want to chat feel free to pm me but most of all, enjoy yourself on the site!
  23. Welcome WheelofLime. The series is really missing out, I love limes! If you need any help or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me a pm. There is lots of stuff to do around here, it can be overwhelming sometimes. If it is, just start slow and check out a few places at a time, no need to rush! Personally? I find the mafia games ADDICTING but that's me. Glad you found the site and I hope you have a good time! (Yes I might be slightly addicted to exclamation points >.> )
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