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[Game] Brutal Legend


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I'm surprised nobody has posted about this game yet.  Has anybody heard any Real buzz about it, as in other than EA's own buzz?




As a cheesy metal head, I'm just friggin' Giddy over the game concept and I'm not even a gamer.  In fact, I still live in the regular XboX dark ages.  But if this turns out to be fun, I'll put the XboX 360 on my Christmas list.

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I've been following it for quite some time, and some of the overall concepts are rather intriguing.  They've made something similar to Warcraft III, where you're playing as a hero in an RTS-type setting.  Don't mistake my meaning when I say RTS, though.  I only use the term because I can't think of a better way to describe it.


Gotta say that I'm seriously amused by the logical (extreme) conclusion they've gone to with the idea of a "battle of the bands".

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