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An invasion of innocence and sweetness... :P

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Hello all. 


I know some of you already from TV.net and finally, I've made it here!  Some of you might know me from TV.net as Thori. :D 


I would appreciate any advice y'all have to share with me.  I don't have any questions just yet...haven't really gone through and explored too thoroughly yet.  I'm sure I will have plenty of questions in the next few days.


And for those of you who don't already know me....well....I have several hobbies, I'm working towards a goal to be a coroner, I have three amazing and wonderfully fantastic children whom I love and adore completely, I collect quotations, I write short stories and poetry.  I just recently moved from Sunny California to Oklahoma :o Huge change for a little cali bunny like me!  I miss the beach that's for sure.


If you want to know anything about me, feel free to ask away!  ;D

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Welcome to DM! I am not at TV.net so I don't know you. :)


My advice would be to not join too many orgs at once, if you're planning to join any orgs that is. You can join them all, but that might be a bit overwhelming. Anyways, whatever you decide to do here I hope you'll have fun!

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Mashin!  It is very different from TV.net, I know that for sure.... I joined over there not too long ago, and I've had a hard time getting oriented there. :D


It's a good thing that you've already found people you can pester ask for help!


I hope you really have fun here, and welcome again! ;D

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