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Hi people

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Hi people, hah I said that twice :P . Okay, I'm from South Africa land of never ending crime, yayness. Oh and also normal colored beaches, not that black sand most of you people probably have.  ;D Uhm, yeah I've been reading Wheel of Time since, what? Two years? Three years? Whatever doesn't really matter. I've been lurking here for probably a couple of months now and finally decided to join. I don't have any questions... YET but trust me they will come.


Okay so here are some things about me that you don't really have to know, or want to I guess, but I'm still gonna type it! Pure MADNESS!  :P Okay, I LOVE Evanescence they are awesome. I liked Avril Lavigne, not so much now that she has gone all peppy. I love Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break (GO GRETCHEN!) and Chuck, sort of. -Blows bubbles- What else? Oh, are there any other South Africans here? They seem awfully rare on the internet. Oh! And before I forget, most of the time I'm not being serious so if I ever say something that offends, and it isn't caused by ignorance, I'm chalked full of that too  ;D ,please bear in mind that I'm probably not being serious. There is a chance I'm being serious of course and then I'll make sure the seriousness gets over, clearly. But I digress...


I'm done talkin bout me, I'm gonna be generous and give all of you a chance to talk about me!  :P





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I think most places feel like a never ending land of crime...I know London does.


Anyway, gloomy part done, welcome to DM! I hope you enjoy your time at the site. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have. We will do our best to answer them.

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Hallo daar!


Which part of South Africa are you from, Shadow? I'm from Cape Town  :D




-Jumps on Elgee's head- Yay another South African! I AM NOT ALONE  ;D

Ja, ek is in Kaapstad ook. HAH, I've been wanting to speak Afrikaans to someone on the web in ages, which is weird since I don't actually like my home language... anywhoo thanks everyone, for the warm welcome. I feel loved now  :P

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Kraaaaaaaaifontein! Dis net om die draai van my!


Well I don't think we're supposed to speak in other languages, but people get excited every now and then and do  ;D


I'm just so stoked that there's someone in my area who actually reads WoT!

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Not really, the White Tower looks fun, I guess. The Black Tower does too but there Power battle seem... complicated. Ooooooh I would love to join the Brown Ajah, I have a tendency to be vague... and drift off the subject... and be distracted. And have a faraway look in my eyes... or does it just LOOK that way? -scary music-  ;D


But I really don't know a lot about the groups yet, I'm going to go scout soon. But I would love a rough explanation of what exactly these groups DO though. The sticky didn't explain it well enough to get through my vaguey mind  :P


Oh look! A goat!

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Ok lets try *takes a deep breath*


DM is divided into 3 sections - from the top, they are:


Community: All kinds of discussions, like the General or Structured WoT discussions, or general discussions about real life.


Organisation: This is also called community sometimes, as we're grouped like those Organisations in the book, but we just talk about things. It's where you will find things like the White Tower, Black Tower, Warders, Aiel, Seanchan, Wolfkin, Ogier, Band of the Red Hand, etc. This is where we pretend to be those things, but with our tongues in our cheeks  ;) Each Org (WT, BT, etc) has its own theme, sort of - best to just look at all of them and see what draws your interest.


Division: That is where the Role Playing takes place. They're pretty much based on the WoT.


The only things that really needs much explaining, are the Orgs.


The White Tower is divided into the Ajahs. Some of them are quite close to what you would expect in the books (Brownies are quite intellectual and love reading), the Reds not so close (we don't hate men *grins). Luckily you do not have to decide straight away what suits you, so you'll get plenty of time to feel your way around.


The Black Tower ... well with a name like Shadow, you'd fit right in *coughSHADOWRULEScough*  ;D


You can join as many or as few of the Orgs as you want. For instance, I'm at the Shadow side of the BT, and I'm of the Red Ajah at the WT. You cannot join both the Warders and the WT, though.


At the Div (RP side), you can make a character for every single Division (WT, BT, Warders, Kin, Ogier, Wolfkin, Children of the Light, etc). In fact, you can make (I think) 3 characters for each of those Divs.


Hope that's helped ... lol

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