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    looks very much like a young Gina Davis, who is absolutely beautiful.
  2. Does anyone know about dream interpertation? I had a really funky dream and it was pretty realistic.
  3. Sit right back and here a tale, a tale of a faitfull ship.... OH sorry wrong story :) been working to long around sea food. :P
  4. OOC: Thanks for hangin in there, I didn't expect to be away so long. IC: So she is from Cairhien,or so she says. Great, Dahvid thought to himself. I love a good game of stones, just not in real life. I hate the bloody "Game of houses". Well she caught my slip, something must be done. How well does she know the dream world,Dahvid wondered. He grew up coming to the wolf dream while sleeping and knows that the mind is the best weapon here. If it is going to be a battle then "time to roll the dice" as he had heard a young man say not to long ago. " Yes," Dahvid replied. " I walk the streets of Caemlyn, my birthplace, to remember that I swore an oath to protect her from all evil. And trying to do so I was banished by the Queen. She is bewitched I think, by some new member of the court. But by my life I still will protect my Queen and counrty. Even I must do it from afar, and in secret."
  5. Yeah, it snowed already and its only October.
  6. Just workin my tail off. My move to Wyoming went smoothly, however I regret moving here.
  7. OOC. No Worries ;) IC. " I intend to visit this place in a while,and wish to ensure I would know at least the basics of the street plan. I value my well-being enough to have no desire of ending up in the wrong district by accident. And what of you, Sir?"She said in the usual Aes Sedai arrogance and superiority. If nothing else said she was Aes Sedai, her tone spoke volumes. Still looking into her amber eyes,to catch the slightest glimpse of true intentions, he responded. " I walk the streets of Caemlyn, here in the dream world to remember. Remember the culture. The shows of comedy and of tragedy that told the stories of the common and wealthy alike. The architechture.From the Royal palace to the smallest of the common mans hutch. The life of the city and country that I swore to pro..." He had almost said too much. Looking into those amber eyes, he forgot himself.He was mesmerized be the sheer beauty and the...age. He Blushed! "Forgive me, my lady. I ramble. From where will you be traveling to come see this wonderful city?" In all his time Dahvid had never seen a soul that old and hard. He knew there was more to her story. He knew that this woman was a pure evil, wrapped in a beautiful package. His hand slid closer to his belt knife. There was no reason to let her come to Caemlyn, if it was going to cause pain for this city and country. OOC. I might be along time before I can get back to the story after this, I will be moving.
  8. Let your life, conduct and attitude be a witness. You don't have to shove it down peoples throat. But if asked do not be ashamed to tell the the whole truth either. And when challenged stand firm in your faith and belief.
  9. I beleive the same, and am not ashamed. I am glad that there are others here that beleive. I can't quite say that I know everything, but that much I do know. ;D
  10. Hey, Welcome, Have fun.
  11. Very awe inspiring, The last picture helps give an idea of the scale and... Just WOW.
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