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Another new guy... and new series reader.


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I just started reading this series last November/December.  On book 4 now (I'm a deliberate reader), and am absolutely in love with this series so far.  Ran out and purchased the #0 comic that just came out last week, and am excited about all future endeavors into the Wheel of Time world.


I probably won't be wandering these forums much yet, because I don't want to read any accidental spoilers - but may pop in now in then until I finish the series (which probably won't happen for another year).

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Welcome :)


I hope you


What? That last sentence seems incomplete to me...


Anyway, welcome to DM. Have a good time looking around the boards, and hopefully you can find a place to call "home from home". And do not hesitate to post any questions you have - we're here to help. :)

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:) Hello and welcome Aerick. I understand about avoiding spoilers, but really, you can come and join us in the Ogier. We seldom ever say anything about what happens in the books. We talk about all sorts of things in a very casual, unrushed sort of way. You know how Ogier are!  ;D

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Welcome and actually none of us have read the "whole" series yet. One left.


But anyway, i think if there are any spoilers they post that in the title to begin with, don't they.


Enjoy your stay and Fiddlesticks is always safe.


Ahh, I wish that were so.  I've stumbled upon a couple during my first couple of visits, and have therefore stayed away as much as possible until I finish.  :)

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