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(Moved from Tinker DG) Important Tinker Information - New Tinkers Read

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Our website can be found here: http://www.diminutive.org/tinkers

I am working on updating it.


I am currently planning on scrapping the old membership list and starting anew. If you'd like to be added to our list, please post here or PM me or Will :) Instead of putting up contact info for the members, I'm just going to link to your website and/or your DM profile, so if you have a website, post that, too!


You do not have to be on the member list to be a Tinker, however :) Anyone who self-identifies as a Tinker is a Tinker!


We will also hopefully be holding periodic chats, like we did before, so please post what times would be good for you. Chats will be announced on the board at least a few days in advance.


Thanks bunches :)

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ooo! I'd love to be in a Tinker chat! the best times for me is anywhere between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. weekends are when ever I am allowed on, my parents don't work then so I can't get on :(


but for my profile (Myra), I guess you can add my yahoo address: inuyasha_gurl_530. and if you'd like help with anything, please let me know! I'd be glad to help out! :D

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*snuggls Tathel tightly* welcome hun - we'd love to have ya!! :D


Feel free to join any chats goin on, which I see ya have ;) and start any new ones. If ya have any questions feel free ta PM me!


I'm sure Will will be around to welcome ya soon.

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i'll quote my post on the new members board.


Hey i'm new. I've been avoiding these forums for a long time but now that i'm half way through book 7 i feel i can avoid spoilers enough that i've been reading some posts.


I probably won't be very active till i finish the series as far along as it is.


I've been playing D&D since i was 14 (i'm now 20) and I've picked up various roleplaying games along the way. This was how i was introduced to Wheel of time. The release of the d20 wheel of time game grabed my attention. I was however reading some other books at the time and didn't actualy start reading the series until last year.


I'm currently reading about a WoT book a month.


My other favorite authors are Philip k. Cheney and Frank Herbert.

My favorite book is VALIS


My hobbies? well thanks for asking.

I enjoy playing RP games, I drum and play guitar, I also enjoy writing poetry and fiction.

I am currently in college for a degree in software development.


My favorite characters in wheel of time are Loial and Perrin.

The tinker and the Aiel really intrest me because, as a pacifist myself, i have often wondered whether the pacifist philosophy can ultimatly work.



If i sound intresting or you have a Wheel of time d20 game going online, that takes place before the 7th book, feel free to contact me


i use MSN and my e-mail is pj34@hotmail.com


i'll probably join the roleplaying here when i feel safe against spoilers haha


Thanks for reading the novel i've written on myself


haha you said a little, i guess thats more then a little. Oh well!

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7th book -- where i am-- what has just happened is Nynaeve and Elyane and that lot are looking for the weather changeing bowl. Brigette just asked for Matts help and they now know eachothers secrets.

Lans on his way to meet Nynaeve

Moghedien has escaped from Egwenes army with the help of a male channeler in disguse.

oh and the oldest aes sedi has just come to stir up trouble for rand... don't know much about that plot line yet and i can't remember her name lol

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The black tower was founded in book 5 i believe or very early on in 6... the battle of Dumai's Well is at the end of book six so where i am in the series the black tower seems to be pretty well establish.... well for a orginization of male channnelers lol

The Aes Sedai in Salidar are heading toward the white tower.

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oh yay! I believe it is safe to say my site will not give any spoilers! :D we do not have a Salidar and I'm not sure if we ever will. We still have all of our Forsaken, but will soon be minus Ishmael. There's jsut one request but you don't have to if you don't want to... we have one true Aiel and we have a major Aiel RP coming up to take Stephen (DR) to rhuidean, but we only have a Wise One in training. would oyu like to join and if you do, would you mind making an Aiel Clan Chief?


we're not that active but are working on it, so there's no rush. it's http://com5.runboard.com/brealmsofthewheel. ont her I'm Myra Gailene. and in the Roll Call thread int he first forum you'll see the other characters I play as well, lol. just too lazy to post them up now

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yay! I'm just making new friends left and right today! first Besolyn (and possible 1st mentee as an Aes Sedai) PMs me saying that she loved my name since she's an Edding's fan as well. we just hit it off right htere and I got her to join the wolfkin with me, too. and now I got a new friend to join my RP site! yay! I feel so loved today *huggles all*

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hey all, i've been folling RJ's blog for a while now but this is my first time on the forums, so im just throwing myself out there. The tinkers are definately an interesting bunch and i'm pretty much a pacifist in real life so i reckon i might belong here plus that i love to chat and make new friends


. P.S The Malloreon kicked so much ass.



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