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  1. I still don't think it's going to happen first of all I'd be kinda dissapointed and it just doesn't seem very likely I mean what are we going off of here Loial writing history oooooooh an Idea just hit me what if what loial's writingends up being the next ages prophecies or some such Now that is an idea i could deal with.
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    Can someone please tell me what asoiaf stands for so I can look it up it sounds interesting
  3. I don't think Rand would kill Gawyn even if he attacked him he would know what it would cause between himself and Elayne. At least if he knew who attacked him :twisted: and I don't think Gawyn is the type to sneak up on someone and attack from behind so this isn't going to happen
  4. Your right but It fits the whole story kind of has a Frodo feel to it that makes it ok. :D
  5. Loial is a horrible liar it's not going to happen
  6. Thread7

    Fantasy Obsessed

    I don't think anyone can compare to us right now because we are so near the end but LotR used to be as big at least most likely bigger especially during the movies I mean have you seen the end credits on the last movie there's like ten minutes of a list of names from just one fan club and their were a sight more then that.
  7. Tarmon Gaiden will decide the fate of the whole world evil bubbles must be hitting theese other lands also they have their own prophecies they will know whats coming. they won't do nothing or what will be their excuse for not coming to aid I say they will play a part even though it will be focused on the main land they will have to be allied
  8. I don't think so, that would be way too Lame and the book has not had any of his point of view I think he heroizes Rand more than whats been written. and it would be a pathetic way to end the series by copying JRR tolkien so plainly
  9. what about the Shenchan prophecies and the prophesy to Rand about uniting South to North etc. I don't know where you're getting your info but tell me so i can look into it
  10. first of all I don't think pen is going to save you from anything in the blight. I'd just go I don't need anything I cant get there.
  11. Terry Brooks Heritage series is amazing but it helps to have read the Sword of Shannara trilgy first
  12. I think it will come from shara I think Shara must play a part in the Last Battle and who else holds more secrets?
  13. I don't like or think that Rand would get ripped out of the dream world Briggette is now no longer part of the wheel I don't think the world would be in good shape for the next age if the Dragon Reborn was torn out of the wheel. I may be wrong but Im pretty sure thats not how it going to happen.
  14. Why would he have created them, peaked our interest in them just to keep them in the background?
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