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  1. *nods* But I think in a way that that Song does. I mean, the Da'shain were highly respected and were a very influential peaceful force in the world before the Breaking. Maybe it will not be the way they think it will. Just because the Song is not necessarily exactly the way their preconceived notions of it are doesn't mean it doesn't exist :) And the form of this that they are trying to find might not be exactly the same form of the Ogier and the Voice Talent, either, anymore...but it could be related. Argh, it's late and I'm tired and making no sense :P
  2. I know WoTRP.net at least has a talent called the Voice which is similar to that, it's like a version of Treesinging that modern channelers in their RP can use. One of my old characters there had that Talent :) Some RPs based in modern Randland are coming out with similar things since a lot of the "old" things (like balefire, walking with the wolves, etc.) are resurging :)
  3. It was sung that way before the Breaking. To learn more about it, check out the middle chapters of the Shadow Rising :) Since the Breaking, Ogier and Green Men have been the only ones able to Treesing, which I imagine is the remnant of the Age of Legends singing.
  4. Hi and welcome! :) You might want to check out our Tinker DG here :) We're a pretty laid-back group. You seem very cool, I can't wait to read your posts. *hugs* If I can help at all or if you wish to chat, feel free to drop me a PM :) *puts flowers in your hair*
  5. You don't need yahoo messenger. Just go to the yahoogroup and sign up :) It doesn't involve chat or anything. It's like an email list.
  6. Even if they were not the strongest channelers in the AoL, it seems in several places in the books to be alluded to that any channeler in the AoL would have been many times stronger than the strongest Aes Sedai (outside of Nynaeve, perhaps) in the Tower in present-day. However, my own personal take on this is that they aren't necessarily meant to be ridiculously strong - that would be kind of boring - but that they have much more knowledge of the One Power, period, than any Aes Sedai today does. I mean, they've seen and they know weaves that Aes Sedai of the Tower barely knew to dream of before the Dragon's return. Brute strength isn't the most important thing. Of course, all of this is probably trumped by the fact that they seem (for the most part) to be pretty ineffectual...
  7. I like Llewin's idea...I'd love to join in, but as I'm already personally on Lord of Chaos in my reread, I think having a 1-5 chapter a week in-depth discussion as a group wouldn't be a bad idea :)
  8. Since the planning board I made for the Song got overrun by spammy bots and it's really slow, I decided that this time when we restart the Song, we'll do it on the old yahoogroup...so...if you are interested in being a part of the Song staff, please go to the following link and join the group :) Post here, as well (and put the email address or username you'll have on the group) so I can tell who on the group is part of the Song planning. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dmtinkers
  9. Our website can be found here: http://www.diminutive.org/tinkers I am working on updating it. I am currently planning on scrapping the old membership list and starting anew. If you'd like to be added to our list, please post here or PM me or Will :) Instead of putting up contact info for the members, I'm just going to link to your website and/or your DM profile, so if you have a website, post that, too! You do not have to be on the member list to be a Tinker, however :) Anyone who self-identifies as a Tinker is a Tinker! We will also hopefully be holding periodic chats, like we did before, so please post what times would be good for you. Chats will be announced on the board at least a few days in advance. Thanks bunches :)
  10. ...Will and Nyna talked me into at least coming back to post for a bit :) For those I don't know (or who don't remember me), I've been here since January 2004 as a Yellow Sister (and sometime Sitter) and Shatayan of the lovely Tinkers :) I went pretty much completely AWOL in late '05 due to a lot of RL stuff (including my parents' deaths and school issues and other things). Anyway, I am excited to be back and posting, and I -love- the new boards :)
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