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  1. Hate is a strong word.... Gawyn. He seems to usually make what I think of as poor choices.
  2. I have spent maybe too much time thinking about this. I'm not sure why given it's lack of practical impact on my life >_<. I think realistically I would end up White. I'm a software developer so in RL I've obviously chosen to focus my career on math and logics. I am also the type of person that tend to think through information from a rationalists point of view and actually looks at studies and replications when I'm trying to determine If there is efficacy to some purported cause and effect. I also however have a strong passion for philosophy, law and politics and think I'm fairly good at mediating situations and compromising. So the Grey could make sense. When I was younger i wanted to be a doctor so that i could help people get better so the yellow sort of calls to me to. So, In real life i choose white but in the tower if white and grey were both an option it may come down to the people I'd have to associate with when I got to the point of having to choose. That being said if I had any strong talent for healing I would ethically feel compelled toward the Yellow because I would feel as though I might be doing harm by not focusing a talent for healing in that direction.
  3. Jong, i hadn't thought of it really in any depth till your post but it does seem that there may be another method to movement that isn't simply way gates. We know that way gates explain the two rivers and perhaps any other large trolloc body where there is a way gate. but the attack in the wastes seems odd. I would doubt ogier had a stedding or grew anything in the wastes, and given the Aiel's propensity for beign able to find any straggler in their borders (remember how surprised they are the kader(sp?)'s merchants made it so far without an aiel stopping them?)... so how did a trolloc raid that large hit the Aiel or even just the darkhound attack seems out of place, although i suppose the hounds can move much quicker and less noticed
  4. This conversation is reminding me very much of the matrix. if you consider agen smith as Fain being and the pattern / DO as the oppressive matrix. The matrix had been recycled innumerable times much like the wheel but with minor differences. Essentially Agent smith's extreme evil perhaps something more evil than the simple control of humanity exerted by the matrix is what causes the system to break down and allows Neo to finally accomplish his messiah prophecy. Something very similar could happen with the evolution of fain, originally a weapon to keep the wheel in line, actually leading the the destruction of the oppressive power. What if the dark one is the creator / architect that's why the voice in EoTW is ambiguous. And instead of actually trying to destory the pattern or humanity he's actually really just keeping free will from us via this ongoing cycle
  5. I don't recall if this has already been mentioned or if it wasn't brought up during book 4-6 but what about the fact that cats really like Aes Sedai and i believe dogs react to aes sedai like they do to cats. I was just looking over book 11 and they mention cats gather where ever there is a large amount of aes sedai and i'm sure it had been mentioned much earlier in the series about the dog cat thing. Do we know if dogs favour asha'man? I don't really see how this could play out being important unless it matters somehow with wolves but it is something very minor that i don't think has any crazy theories around it
  6. I wonder if it's possible that say, the creator has a limited amount of power he can create but never change what he creates. so to avoid stagnation he creates destruction (IE. change), in order to prevent stagnation from overtaking destruction he must make both forces equally as powerful, so he puts half his power into the dark one and half his power into creation which opposes the dark one. In this way the creator is not an opposition to the dark one, his creation is (IE the dragon reborn would be the paragon of that creation). Now if the creator has given half himself to the DO and half himself to creation he is no more, or effectively maybe he is both. As for the void in EoTW i'm not sure RJ had his whole cosmology / magic system the way he wanted it. we don't even know for sure it was the creator (unless that's been confirmed somewhere i've missed) but if it was the creator maybe there is some bit of him in all his creations and when the paragon of balance sorta reaches it's head nearing tarmon gai'don there might be some echo of his existance within existance. Just a theory though there isn't much evidence to support the creator being effectively dead or neutered other than non interference.
  7. Thought that just came to me, when is it first mentioned that min was raised by her aunts and not her parents? Does anyone actually know anything about min's mother or father, i don't recall them ever being mentioned...
  8. It is said that when a vaccule is closed off anything inside at the time is gone forever. Could it be that the dark ones prison is like vaccule that was closed off? perhaps smashing the seals in a vaccule perhaps placed over the bore (well i believe the bore is metaphorical not physical so the place in the pattern that is most sympathetic to it IE shayl goul(sp?). could release the dark one into a fresh vaccule which could then be closed and he would be gone 'forever' again. maybe Narishma will follow after rand into the vaccule if that is to be tied in somehow
  9. Ok this is 35 pages and i'm on my lunch break so if this has already been put out there sorry to repeat. I think that in ToM verrin's note will tell matt to give his foxhead to elayne to study. He does so while he goes to the tower (because i doubt he'll need it there), and then by the time he's back from the tower Elayne has been able to duplicate the foxhead. Matts army now immune to asha'man instant death will lead the attack on the black tower.
  10. I think that Brandon Sanderson is going to do a good job finishing the series, I just finished the first mistborn book and loved it and I also loved warbreaker. I would not be outraged or angry if he did the outrigger novels. I'm sure he would make them interesting and probably a good read. BUT I don't think he, or anyone, should write them. Wheel of time is RJs world and with so little detail about the outrigger novels it would be Brandon Sanderson writing a book in the wheel of time setting, which as much as that might interest me, just wouldn't be the same. I'm sure he would feel like he's stepping on RJ's toes. It would also be a bad idea because the outrigger novels in general would never have been as good as the Wheel of Time main story. Even with RJ writing it I'm sure some people would think it would have been better to stop after AMoL and write something in the distant past or future of the setting. With another author writing the story those complaints would increase greatly. Plus, I like wheel of time it's a wonderful story and a wonderful world and there are lots of things I'm that might not be completely addressed in the main series (more info about seanchan, the song the tinkers look for, the isle of madmen, the amayar) but that's part of the mystery of the setting. Part of what makes fantasy great is variance. Brandon Sanderson's worlds are different and I think his time would be better spent writing his own works. I love WoT i know WoT, but would i prefer a square peg round hole wrap up trilogy over something new and innovative by Brandon Sanderson? no i wouldn't. I suppose what it really comes down to is that Tor knows I will buy the outrigger books, just like I bought Dune 7 and 8. And while i'm sure I would by new novels by Brandon Sanderson, some other WoT fans may not. I think Brandon Sanderson realizes this based off of what he has said in interviews and blogs, however i'm sure Tor will apply pressure and I'm sure he would love another chance to write in a fantasy world he loves (RJs). Anyway, I'm thinking there will probably be no outriggers unless Tor has the rights to simpley hire on another author if BS doesn't want to do it... in which case if they are going to exist no matter what i hope BS is the one to write them. wow... I feel very much like an Ogier I think I rambled for far too long and said very little in the end ***EDIT*** Another thought just quick, why not use the info from the outrigger novels / post Tarmon Gaidon to write a Wheel of Time pen and paper RP (not d20 based like the last). That way some of the info about the state of the world is out there, people can enjoy the setting ect.
  11. Maybe if the tinkers find the song they will be able to do something crazy like sing more greenmen into existance to help restore the world... maybe if rand breaks the world maybe the tinkers help remake it so it's not a horiable breaking this time, but one that brings peace to all the lands
  12. i'm still here :D lol welcome belzabar... but yah i should probably post at some point... lol i'm a leaf blown far from the tree HAHA
  13. It is not really vital to the background. He could have left his warder training with her sans the bonding. It just seemed more of a reason for her to run away rather then stick it out at the tower. I was assuming she found out how in a similer fasion to Elayne, but if it is a problem i don't mind striking it out.
  14. Very true thread7 assumeing the black clad man would provide me with some funding. I think i'd grab my small tent a sleeping bag a backpack, pack a bunch of silverware (to sell). Dice, cards, books. a binder full of paper and 8 pens. a couple of pocket knifes. My glasses.... hope those don't break. My bow... lol i don't have arrows for it here might actualy get some use over there. I suppose if i felt i could shoulder the burden after all that i'd take my guitar
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